Ultralight Travel Trailers – Checkout 5 We Know You’ll Love

Ultralight travel trailers have over the year become one of the best travel trailer choices for many folks. Due to their reasonably light weight there is usually no need for the owner to purchase a bigger vehicle to tow with. In addition the materials and construction techniques used allow travel trailer manufacturers to design comfortable, well-appointed ultralight travel trailers with lots of room and an affordable price.

When it comes to ultralight travel trailers that specification we need to really look at is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) ? is the maximum permissible weight of the unit when fully loaded. It includes all weights, inclusive of all fluids, cargo, optional equipment and accessories. For safety and product performance do NOT exceed the GVWR. There is a formula you can use to calculate the maximums and to ensure you have not exceeded any of the manufacturers specifications. Read this article by Mark Polk owner of RV Education 101 to learn how to figure this all out. You also need to know the dry weight of your ultralight travel trailer in order to have an idea of just how much stuff you can take with you.

5 Ultralight Travel Trailers

Here is out list of 5 ultralight travel trailers we think you’ll love not only because they are some of the lightest travel trailers made but also because they are well-made, durable and look damn good. So let’s begin.

The Happier Camper

We have looked at The Happier Camper several times at Top Rated Travel Trailers and with good reason. It is such a great ultralight travel trailer. From the retro design to the modern amenities and the extremely well thought out?use of space you simple can’t go wrong choosing this lightweight travel trailer.

ultralight travel trailers

The Happier Camper has a dry weight of 1,100 lbs ?and a GVWR of 1,500 lbs. To learn more about this ultralight travel trailer visit their site where you can view photos, learn about features and download a brochure and owners manual.

The Scamp 13-Foot Travel Trailer

The Scamp is another one of the ultralight travel trailers we have taken a look at in the past. This travel trailer just like The Happier Camper has an all fiberglass body. The Scamp ultralight travel trailer is affordable and compact which makes it great for small families who only have a car or SUV to tow with. The front sofa on the Scamp coverts to a bunk beds and the rear dining area converts to a double bed giving this ultralight travel trailer room for up to four people.

Ultralight Travel Trailers

The Scamp travel trailer has a dry weight of approximately 1200-1500 lbs. Unfortunately the manufacturers website does not show the GVWR or I am unable to easily find it. Anyhow I think adding another 400 pounds which includes food, water, clothes etc should get you within a safe GVWR. ?Be advised to check with the manufacturer first to confirm the GVWR.

Casita 13 Foot Patriot Deluxe ?Travel Trailer

The Casita 13-Foot Patriot Deluxe is personally one of my favorite ultralight travel trailers. It is in my opinion the “perfect weekender” travel trailer. It comfortable sleep two people and the bed converts to an extra sitting.dining space that seats four. Don’t let the small size and light weight make you think it does not have any amenities. It actually comes pretty well equipped included a toilet/shower.

Casita Patriot Deluxe Ultralight travel trailer

The Casita Patriot Deluxe has a dry weight of 1880 lbs. As with the Scamp above the GVWR is not available on their website. Adding another 400 pounds should put you in the range of their GWVR. Just like my recommendation for the Scamp check with the manufacturers of the Casita travel trailers to confirm the maximum GVWR.

Oliver Legacy Elite Ultralight Travel Trailer

When it comes to weight this is not one of the lightest on our list. As a matter of fact it is the heaviest of all the ultralight travel trailers we have listed on this page. However this is such a fine fiberglass body travel trailer that we would be remiss not to include it in this line-up. The Oliver Legacy Elite travel trailer is a single axle double-hulled fiberglass lightweight travel trailer. ?This 18 foot 5-inch trailer is packed with features and is extremely well-designed.

Oliver Legacy Elite


As I mentioned earlier this is one is a bit on the heavy side. The GVWR of the Oliver Legacy Elite is 5000 so it’s safe to assume you are not going to tow this with a small car. However a midsize or large SUV can tow this travel trailer. Three that come to mind is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer and the Dodge Durango.

Egg Camper Travel Trailer

The last of our 5 favorite ultralight travel trailers is the Egg Camper. This is a lightweight molded composite travel trailer that has a very affordable price. Unfortunately production is temporarily closed, no reason given. We hope a new production scheduled will soon be announced. Nicely equipped and well made we like the Egg Camper even though it is not one of the most polished inc the sense of design of the ultralight travel trailers we have looked at.

Egg Camper Ultralight Travel Trailer

As I mentioned the dry weight is 2000 so adding another 400-500 pounds of stuff should get you near its GVWR. Again check your vehicle manual and the manufacturer of the travel trailer to ensure you do not exceed the GVWR.

In Conclusion

So there you have it 5 ultralight travel trailers we think your love. Each one has it’s one unique characteristics and of course pricing. There are all ultralight with the Oliver Legacy being on the heavier side but still can be towed with your average SUV. Let us know what you think or if you have any questions.