Tundra Camper Pros and Cons

There are many of us that enjoy a bit of adventure in our lives and also those that prefer to live their long life dream of travelling and making anywhere their home for a certain period of time. Before you take that large step of packing up your life and setting everything out on a set of wheels it is important to decide which set of wheels you feel more confident with. There are many options to choose from depending on the budget that you are willing to spend on this excursion. From motor homes to caravans and campers which one is your ideal home away from home? There are many factors to consider when choosing your ideal camper that include storage, space, how many travelers and what you are willing to spend.

When looking at a tundra camper one can easily understand that it is a popular choice for that road trip that you have always dreamt about. Trucks are great for a lot of functions that can include business usage or hauling excess goods away but what makes the camper better is that you can actually sleep in it too. The additional space provides you with security to lock up important possessions like your bikes or camping equipment. There are many pros and few cons to using a tundra camper for you trip and here are a few worth mentioning. Also read more about planning the ultimate road trip as it is incredibly important to make sure your trip is planned well and that maps or GPS along with medicine is readily available on your time away from home.


As previously mentioned a camper shell provides you with lots of extra storage space that is secure for firewood, camping equipment and other important items on your trip.

The most obvious pro is that you will enjoy the benefit of being able to sleep comfortably in your truck. This makes all the difference as you don?t have to spend a lot of money on bookings in hotels or motels on your way to your destination. You also don?t have to deal with stained beds or cockroaches in some sleazy motel.? Just bring your own bedding and enjoy a wonderful night in the comfort of your own truck.

People get really creative with the space provided in a camper trailer so you can modify your living space on wheels as you would like it to be. If you are looking for a little makeshift kitchen on your travels there is no reason why you can?t have the feature added. Click here to take a look at some awesome modified camper trailers.

You also get to enjoy the benefit of something that is compact and more mobile than a huge caravan or RV that possibly takes up a lot of space and cant maneuver as easily as a trailer.

Saving on gas is always a great benefit to enjoy and by using a camper trailer you will clearly see the reward of spending less on gas than you would have if you had to cart around something heavier. It is no secret that a lighter vehicle uses less gas.

Your home is literally in the shape of a trailer and you can park it anywhere you like to sleep for the night. This is a great benefit as you would get to enjoy the wonderful freedom that is offered by using a camper trailer to get around and see the country.

With a camper trailer you will also find that you can take a chance on rougher terrain and enjoy those offroad experiences that you have always dreamt of experiencing. Don?t be reluctant to ride through that stream as your camper trailer of choice is made for that.

You might end up saving money if you choose to invest in a camper trailer as an RV can cost quote a bit if you don?t have the budget available.

This is the ultimate romantic getaway option and sleeping rough isn?t the case if you have your bed on a trailer and you can enjoy watching the stars while the campfire crackles away.


The cons are limited for this trailer but there are a few worth considering. When using a camper trailer you most certainly won?t get to enjoy the space that is offered by a full-sized RV for example. You will also not have the opportunity to decorate and make it into a home as you would with a caravan for example. There are many types of campers available but the stand out feature is that it is small and compact which means you it isn?t ideal for a large family.

As with any towed vehicle it takes a while to get used to driving with a camper trailer attached to your truck. With practice it will become second nature but it will take practice and one should always be aware of the extension on your truck in order to drive safely and not endanger yourself or other drivers on the road. Practice makes perfect as with anything else in life.

You might not be fond of the cramped space that you would have to sleep in and it is certainly not an option for those that are claustrophobic. Know that it will be a tight but cozy fit which could be exactly what you are looking for.

Some camper trailers are pretty advanced and meant for a hectic outback experience so you might find that prices vary where some could almost be overpriced.

The conclusion is that you will find exactly what you are looking for in a tundra camper trailer if you are looking for the ideal offroad experience and if you want to make every place you visit your home away from home. Just find the one that you are looking for that actually caters for your camper needs and that will make your experience on the road an enriching and memory filled one.