Travel Trailer Under 5000 Pounds

In this article we are going to learn to choose a travel trailer under 5000 pounds. Travel trailers as we all know come in many different models, sizes, number of rooms, amenities etc. But one of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a travel trailer is the weight of the trailer itself. But going into a dealership you are often confronted with different weight designation which can all add up to confusion.

As far as we here are Top Rated Travel Trailers are concerned the designation that matter the most is the GVWR or the “gross vehicle weight rating”. This is the maximum weight that your trailer can weigh once you’ve added any amenities, propane, accessories, your personal belongings, groceries etc.

Now that you know your travel trailers GVWR you need to consider just how much your truck can tow. This is typical the result of know how much payload your vehicle is rated for and then subtracting how much your truck weighs loaded for camping.

I can go into all the calculations on figuring this out but Learn to RV has already done the job of describing it all and has a few nifty calculators to help also.

A Travel Trailer Under 5000 Pounds…No Way!

Actually there are many models of travel trailers under 5000 pounds. Most of the big RV manufacturers make models that are pretty nice and are considered lightweight travel trailers. Our list of the?the best travel trailer brands?will point you in the right direction.

Below are several travel trailer under 5000 lbs.

Lance 1985 Travel Trailer Rated at 3925 Lbs.

Lance 1995 Travel Trailer Rated at 3950 Lbs.

Jayco one of the more popular manufacturers and maker of some of the best travel trailer on the market make the following models that are all under 5000 pounds GVWR.

Jay Flight SLX Rated at 3500 Lbs.

Jay Feather SLX Rated at 4250 Lbs.

Choosing a trailer under 5000 pounds should not be too difficult in today’s market. The use of lightweight but durable materials and sophisticated manufacturing technologies allow for most maker of travel trailers and pull behind campers to make just the size you need.

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