Travel Trailer Types – What Are The Different Travel Trailer Types

Have you thought of buying a travel trailer but haven’t decided on what type of travel trailer to choose? How about a pop-up camper or 5th wheel? There is nothing better, in our opinion, than being outdoors with family and friends enjoying the fresh air and star-filled night sky.

However many of us don’t want to experience the great outdoors in a tent. Some of us prefer a little bit more of the creature comforts that we are used to in our homes or hotel. A travel trailer can provide those comforts at an affordable price.

With the number of top rated travel trailers increasing yearly how do you choose which travel trailer is right for you and you family? How much do they cost? How well are they made? That what we hope to accomplish on this site. For some of us a camping trailer can be a very expensive investment. Knowing the different travel trailer types will help you make a sound investment.

Overview of Travel Trailer Types

We hope to provide you the information you need to make the right decision on choosing one of the many top rated travel trailers. We’ll scour the internet for information on the latest travel trailers, toy haulers and 5th wheels. We talk to consumers, dealers and manufacturers to get you the latest information , specification and reviews on the best top rated travel trailers on available in the market today.

Travel Trailers

travel trailer types

Travel trailers are fun, can be quite economical and with the wide selection of models available you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one that fits your budget and your style.

A travel trailer is non-motorized and is built and designed to be towed by a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or a pick-up truck. If you want it to be towed by a car or minivan you can opt for the lightweight travel trailer. As a matter of fact we recently took a look at 4 Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 3500 Lbs.

Travel Trailers Quick Look:

Lets take a quick look at what a typical travel trailer is:

  • Average range of length of a camper trailer is 14 feet to about 36 feet. Usually though you are more likely to find the in the 21-28 foot range.
  • The typical range of width is 72 to 96 inches. This measurement does not include slide-outs.
  • The number of people it can sleep is anywhere from 1 to about 10 with 5-7 being the average. This really depends on the floor plan and model of trailer.
Happier Camper

Travel trailers, also known as camper trailers, are one of the most versatile recreational vehicles available in the marketplace. From small units that have the most basic of features to large travel trailers with multiple slide-outs, two bedrooms, and all the creature comforts you are likely to find in your home. For example the compact unit the Happier Camperis an excellent camper trailer for those who go at it alone or with a mate. Somewhat affordable, easy to tow and extremely versatile when it comes to the interior layout.

Airstream Land Yacht

On the other end of the spectrum you have theLand Yacht by Airstream. Luxurious, unique styling, constructed of the highest quality material, an exceptional reputation for service and extremely pricey.

  • Thee average length of is about 21 feet to 35 feet.
  • The width is pretty standard at about 96 inches.
  • They can sleep anywhere from 2-10 people depending on models and floor plans.
Slide Toy Hauler

It was just a matter of time before RV manufacturers realized there is a huge market for folks who just don't want to leave their toys at home.

With all the features and amenities of typical travel trailers and room in the back for storing bikes, ATV, personal watercraft toys haulers are becoming quite popular. The built-in on and off ramp is a great feature and is pretty standard in most if not all of this style trailer.

Don't let the cargo area limit you to just toys, it can be used for just about anything, if it fits. With the added bonus of the cargo space come some limitations. The living space in toy haulers even the best toy haulers can sometimes be limited. You will find sleeping area, dining, baths and cooking area but they just might be a little smaller than comparable trailers. However that not to say that is always the case. The more expensive units have as much or more space in some cases.

Toy Hauler Trailer
Toy Hauler Trailer

The other limitation is that your towing needs will increase due to the weight of the toys you will be hauling and because toy haulers are built somewhat sturdier thus heavier to accommodate the heavier loads in the rear.

Overall toy haulers, also less popularly known as "sport utility trailers" are the way to go for you and your family if you don't want to leave the fun toys at home. This section of our website reviews and writes about the best toy haulers on the market.

Pop Up Campers

Pop Up Camper - Top Rated Travel Trailers

As a kid growing up these are the travel trailers I recall the most. They were usually located right where we were tent camping. If you re not familiar with pop-ups or have not been around them in a while you are in for a treat.

Pop-up campers have come a long way. Many sizes, layouts, styles, amenities pop-up trailers are a great way to get to get started.As a kid growing up a pop up camper is what I called my home away from home.

That old beat-up Coleman is a distant memory as newer more sophisticated models have appeared on the market. Also known as tent campers of folding camping trailers pop ups are lightweight and elevate the tent camping experience by adding some of the creature comforts you find on a travel trailer.

Pop Up Campers Quick Look:

Lets take a quick look at what a pop-up is all about:

  • The length if about 8-15 feet when it is closed. When it is extended they are typically 15 to 25 feet.
  • The typical width is anywhere from 72 inches to 96 inches.
  • Sleeping capacity of anywhere from 2 to 10 . This like any other travel trailer depends on model and floor plan.
popup camper

Pop Up Campers have been lovingly described as tent on wheels. The side collapse and are made of durable canvas or in some cases like the Travel Manor of fiberglass. Though they do not offer the range of creature comforts found in other travel trailers they more than make up for it in affordability. You will typically find 1-2 burners, small refrigerators, AC units and in some of the more high-end units you will find toilets and showers.

So yes you are getting fewer features but pop up campers do have many benefits. As stated earlier they are affordable for those on a tight budget, they can easily be towed by a car which eliminates the need for an expensive SUV or truck. You will gain a significant fuel saving due to the low profile and they also need less space to store.

In the end pop-up travel trailers are the perfect way to experience camping. You get to hear all the great things nature has to offer while still being protected from the elements and with some of the conveniences of home.

We hope that our little primer on travel trailer types has provided you with some useful information. Should you have any questions on any of the travel trailer types we mentioned please let us know.