Starcraft Campers – We Check Out Their Product Line-Up

Starcraft campers have?a very long history dating back to 1903.In the early years of the company Starcraft, back then known as Star Tank Company manufactured livestock tanks and various other metal farm equipment.In 1915 a name change took place and the company was known as Star Tank and Boat when it introduced it’s first row boat.

In the early 1960’s the company introduced to the marketplace 3 models of tent campers and a couple of years afterward changed its name again to Starcraft Corp.

Lloyd Bontrager the same man who founded Jayco ran the operation at Starcraft until 1967. Around 1997 Starcraft was the first to build luxury van conversions. In 1984 Lear Siegler of Learjet acquired Starcraft. Jayco (which was recently sold to Thor Industries) acquired Starcraft’s RV Division in 1991.

Starcraft campersStarcraft campers?are known for a having a two-year limited warranty. They operate out of Topeka, Indiana also?known as the heart of Amish County. According to Starcraft, their workforce has a large number of old-world craftsmen which has allowed Starcraft campers?to position themselves as a quality leader.?Their product line includes lightweight travel trailers as well as full-size travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels.

Starcraft Campers?- Why Buy One?

2-Year Limited Warranty – Starcraft RV offers a 2-year limited warranty that covers against defects in material and workmanship from the original date of purchase. It only covers the original purchaser so it is not transferable. This warranty is longer than most other manufacturers.

ECOadvantage – Starcraft RV is doing it’s best to be a “green” eco-friendly company. They are making an effort to build better travel trailers using fewer natural resources. Updated to plant product help them consume less energy, the use of recycled water help them reduce freshwater use in their facilities. To learn more about Starcraft campers?ECOadvantage program click here.

Magnum Rood System – Starcraft RV uses the Magnum Roof System on all of their models. The MRS is stronger, almost 50% stronger than the competition. The use of sturdier vertical studs and 7″ header beams helps to make the MRS a better roof system for their travel trailers. Starcraft performs extensive testing to ensure their roof system is stronger than the competition. Here is a sample of their testing.

starcraft travel trailers roof system

Starcraft Campers?Model Line-up

Starcraft RV makes tent trailers, travel trailers, toy haulers and 5th wheels. Below we will take a brief look at all of their travel trailer product line-up. Since we focus on travel trailer we’ll leave the 5th wheels for some other time.

Starcraft 2017 Spring AR-ONE


The Starcraft travel trailer AR-One is a 7-foot wide camper made as an entry-level travel trailer but with many of the same amenities as the more expensive models. It includes bold exterior graphics, cherry wood cabinets, and a genuine Denver Mattress. It is a lightweight travel trailer so it is east to tow with an SUV or minivan. The AR-ONE comes in 9 different models each with its own unique floor plan.

Some of the Standard Exterior Features include:

  • 20-pound propane bottle
  • Bunk-end bed permanently attached
  • Cable TV ready
  • Tinted safety windows
  • Digital antenna
  • Electric brakes
  • much more…

Some of the Standard Interior Features include:

  • Two burner range
  • 3 cubic foot fridge
  • 54-inch booth-type dinette
  • Extra large window at dinette booth
  • Honey glazed cherry cabinets
  • Stain resistant carpets
  • much more.

For a list of the AR-One standard features and options click here.

Starcraft AR-One Model Comparison Table

Model Gross Vehicle Weight RatingExterior LengthSleeping Capacity
AR-ONE 14RB3,200 lbs16 feet 6 inches2-3
AR-ONE 15RB3,200 lbs17 feet 6 inches4-5
AR-ONE 16BH3,500 lbs17 feet 10 inches3-4
AR-ONE 17RD3,500 lbs20 feet 6 inches3-4
AR-ONE 17TH5,500 lbs20 feet 10 inches5-6
AR-ONE 17XTH5,500 lbs20 feet 10 inches7-8
AR-ONE 18BHS3,950 lbs21 feet 8 inches4-6
AR-ONE 18QB3,750 lbs21 feet 8 inches3
AR-ONE 19RT4,995 lbs23 feet 6 inches4-5

Starcraft AR-ONE Maxx


This Starcraft travel trailer is wider than the AR-One. The Maxx is 8 feet wide. Like the other Starcraft campers, it is chock-full of amenities such as solid ball-bearing drawer guides, brand name appliances, and Denver Mattress brand bunk mats. It too has the Starcraft 2-year warranty. This model is available in twelve floorplans. It’s a lightweight travel trailer with lots to offer.

Construction standards include 5/8 inch main floor decking, crowned truss roof rafter on 16-inch center, 81-inch interior ceiling height and the Magnum Roof system to name a few.

Standard exterior equipment includes:

  • 30-pound propane tank
  • 48-gallon fresh water capacity
  • 13,500 BTU air-conditioner
  • Rain gutters
  • Prepped for solar
  • much more…

Standard interior equipment include:

  • 3 burner range
  • 6 cubic feet fridge
  • Extra large picture window at dinette
  • High-rise kitchen faucet
  • Medicine cabinet
  • much more…

For a complete list of standard exterior and interior equipment as well as available option click here.

Starcraft Launch


The Starcraft Launch is also a lightweight travel trailer with two?expandable tents. One on the front and one on the rear of the camper. This model can also be towed with an SUV or minivan. The Starcraft Launch comes in 6?models show below.

Standard construction features include:

  • Main decking that is 5/8 inch
  • Fiberglass roof insulation
  • One-piece seamless roof
    • Vacuum-bonded laminated aluminum for sidewalls, end-walls, and slide-outs.

Standard exterior equipment is similar to the other lightweight models. For a full list of standard equipment and options visit the Launch page.

Starcraft Launch Model Comparison Table

Model Gross Vehicle Weight RatingExterior LengthSleeping Capacity
LAUNCH 16RB3,500 lbs18 feet 4 inches6-7
LAUNCH 17BH3,500 lbsTBD for 2017 model3-4
LAUNCH 17FB3,500 lbs20 feet 6 inches3-4
LAUNCH 17QB3,500 lbsTBD for 2017 model3-4
LAUNCH 17SB3,50020 feet 4 inches5-6
LAUNCH 19BHS4,750 lbs22 feet 1 inches6-8

Starcraft Launch Ultralight Travel Trailer


The Starcraft travel trailer Launch Ultralight bears the same name as the camper model with the two expandable tents but that about all it has in common. The Launch Ultralight is 8 feet wide and has an interior height of 78 ?inches. It also includes the SARMAXX Pass-Thru storage system and a black front diamond plate.

The interior of the Launch Ultralight is full of features include 3-burner range, double sink, jackknife sofa, large shower with skylight and much more. Many optional upgrades are available also.

Standard Exterior Equipment Includes:

  • 19-inch large plastic grab handle
  • 30-lb propane bottle (two)
  • 48-gallon fresh water capacity
  • Radial tires
  • much more….

Standard Interior Equipment Includes:

  • 3-burner range
  • Oven
  • 13,500 BTU A/C unit
  • Acrylic double bowl sink
  • Hardwood cabinet doors
  • much much more

For a complete list of interior and exterior equipment on this particular Starcraft camper as well as options?click here.

The Launch Ultralight comes in 8 models which are compared in the comparison table below.

Model Gross Vehicle Weight RatingExterior LengthSleeping Capacity
Launch Ultralight 21FBS4,900 lbs23 feet 7 inches3-4
Launch Ultralight 22BUD 5,250 lbs25 feet 5 inches4
Launch Ultralight 24RLS6,250 lbs29 feet 5 inches4-6
Launch Ultralight 26BHS6,250 lbs30 feet 9 inches8-10
Launch Ultralight 26RLS7,250 lbs30 feet 11 inches4-6
Launch Ultralight 27BHU7,750 lbs33 feet 3 inches8-10
Launch Ultralight 28BHS7,250 lbs31 feet 5 inches8-10
Launch Ultralight 31BHT9,900 lbs36 feet 11 inches8-10

Starcraft Travel Star EXP


The Starcraft RV Travel Star EXP (which stands for expandable) is long, about 38 feet long when the two tall bunk beds are expanded. But you do get a huge amount of sleeping space, up to 10 people in some of the floorplans. The Travel Star EXP has a 78-inch ceiling height, a bunk-bend system that is cable support and has a capacity of just over 1,000 pounds. This travel trailer has fiberglass roof insulation and 1-piece seamless rubber roof material. Hardwood cabinetry and the TUFFSHELL construction wit the vacuum-bonded laminated aluminum frame. It also comes with the Starcraft RV Magnum roof system.

These are some of the standard exterior features of this Starcraft travel trailer:

  • 2-5/16 inch hitch coupler
  • 6-gallon gas water heater
  • 20-pound propane bottles with auto changeover
  • Aerodynamic front profile
  • Front diamond plate
  • Much more…

Standard interior features include:

  • 18,000 BTU furnace with auto ignition
  • Bathroom exhaust fan
  • Cable and satellite TV prep
  • Honey Glazed cherry wood cabinets
  • Tub/shower skylight
  • Much more…

To see all of the interior and exterior features of the Starcraft Travel Star EXP as well as available options click here.

The Travel Star EXP comes in 6 floorplans which are compared below.

Model Gross Vehicle Weight RatingExterior LengthSleeping Capacity
Travel Star EXP 186RD4,475 lbs20 feet 7 inches6-7
Travel Star EXP 187TB 4,475 lbs21 feet 4 inches7-8
Travel Star EXP 207RB4,950 lbs22 feet 9 inches7
Travel Star EXP 227CKS5,975 lbs25 feet 9 inches6-8
Travel Star EXP 229TB5,450 lbs25 feet 11 inches8-9
Travel Star EXP 239TBS6,500 lbs27 feet 0 inches8-10

Starcraft RV has other models including the Autumn Ridge and the AR-ONE MAXX toy hauler. You will find many resources on the Starcraft?website such as a towing guide, downloadable brochures, and travel trailer models comparison tool.

Overall we think Starcraft makes a fine line-up of campers and travel trailers and they should be one of the brands you need to consider when buying your next travel trailer.

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