Sonic Travel Trailer Review

Sonic Travel Trailer ReviewThe Venture Sonic Travel Trailers are the perfect trailers for your adventures. Whether you are traveling in a small group or with your family, the Sonic Travel line of trailers provides you with features and functionalities that you would need. They have tow ability due to their lightweight and provide you with all the amenities you would need on your adventure.

Different types of trailers for your needs

The Sonic Travel line has seven different trailer options for you to choose. From the basic SN170BH to the luxurious SN234VBH. You can find a trailer of any size. The SN170VBH is perfect for 2-3 people as it comes with a flip-up bunk along with a queen bed. You have a bathroom and kitchen. If you have a more significant group, then the SN231VRL is a better option as you get more sleeping beds and room to move around in, the length of the trailer exceeds 17 feet compared to a bit over 11 feet on the SN170VBH.

Features offered

All Venture Sonic Travel trailers come with the NXG Frame. If you aren’t aware of these, they are frames that are lightweight yet strong and provide a proper foundation for the trailers. The trailer frame has no corrosion of the material and no chance of failure. Besides the durable structure, you get terrific features throughout the trailer.

The kitchens have a smooth countertop while the sink also has a cover. The kitchen area has drawers with roller ball bearing and double bowl sink. It has decorative tiles and cabinets that use mountain walnut. In the living space, you find two speakers and a DVD, stereo system. You have LED lights across the kitchen and living area and a skylight too.

In terms of appliances, the trailer comes stocked with everything you would need. A fridge/freezer, water heater, and cookpot with two burners.

The bedroom comes equipped with a foam mattress, nightshades, and reversible comforters. You have under-bed and overhead storage, so you have plenty of space to keep items for your trip. It also comes with USB charging ports in the bed area so you can quickly charge your phones before you doze off.

Overall, the line of Sonic Travel trailers provides you will all you would need on your trip. From short weekend trips to week-long trips, the containers provide plenty of storage space and functionalities that will make all types of trip comfortable and enjoyable.