Best Quality Travel Trailers

Balancing the daily family and career obligations with some time-off for yourself is increasingly becoming hard. The modern life dictates that you work hard for 8 hours leaving little or no time for holiday. The cost of living is even a scarier nightmare than the tight working schedules. ?Fortunately, there is a couple of quality travel trailers in the market that will make your holiday way cheaper than it would be if you stayed in a hotel. You can join a growing number of holidaymakers who have brought back the RVing lifestyle to the fore by buying yourself a cheap travel trailer for your next holiday.

Cheap Travel Trailers for Sale

Listed below are such cheap but quality travel trailers that you need to give a serious thought when out shopping for a holiday home.

The Forest River Rockwood HW316TH Trailers

E-Wheels In motion L6

It features pop-up tents and folding tents that make your camping experience even more enjoyable. The travel trailer is lightweight (3700 pounds) and can thus be towed by most modern SUV and sometimes crossovers. ?When folded out, the tents on the Forest River Rockwood trailers accord the trailer two 70 by 80 inches beds on both ends of the trailer. It also gives room for a fully kitchen, a dinette and a shower.

If it is closed up, the trailer is just 6 feet tall and this makes it very easy to tow, which means better aerodynamics and more sensible fuel bill. There are 3 types of Rockwood trailers. These are;

  • Freedom Series – These comes with many floor configurations so that you can customize it to suite your needs. Your camping preferences will be best captured by this model.
  • Premier Series – This comes with a power lift and a down galley that makes it very easy to set up once you reach your campsite. It also has an expansive sitting room for every camper to enjoy themselves.
  • High Wall Series – Its cherry cabinetry and stainless steel finish makes this trailer a treat for the families looking for luxury. It also happens to have a wood flooring that puts it in a class of its own.

Cricket Trailers

The Cricket Trailers are some of the most budget friendly travel trailers in the market. Their design is modern, angular and eye-catching; and their utilitarian value is high. The company that makes the Cricket Trailers was founded by Garret Finney, a NASA designer who was tasked with creating small pods inside the International Space Station. He took his designs and created lightweight trailers that measured between 1,000- and 1,500-pounds. They can be easily towed by the average cars, crossovers and SUV?s. The Cricket Trailers come in two versions namely – Cricket Camp and Cricket Trek.

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite

This travel trailer is best suited for families. It sleeps between 2 and 5 people. Its manufactures make it in such a way it can be customized in 13 different floor plans. The Micro Lite trailer has an unloaded weight of between 3451 and 4514 pounds. Some of the key features that makes it ideal for families include bunkhouses, outdoor kitchens, and slides to enhance space. In total, the trailer measures between 20 and 26 feet. Other features of the trailer include;

  • Outdoor options e.g. speakers and kitchens
  • Heated mattresses for more comfortable sleep during cold nights.
  • Raised drawers and panel tables made of solid wood.
  • A Murphy bed under which is storage system that can be accessed from outside to enhance flexibility.
  • Satellite and Cable TV which have signal booster for entertainment.

Keystone Hideout

Keystone Hideout

This travel trailer has a whopping 45 floor plan options, allowing your family to customize in the version that best takes care of your needs. The trailer can sleep between 4 and 9 people and is between 21 and 29 feet. Its unloaded weight falls between 3305- and 5850-pounds. For your dining needs the trailer comes with a U- shaped dinette that can accommodate the whole family.

If your kids are travelling with friends the bunkhouse in the camper will be enough to host an extra 2 kids. The most interesting feature of the Keystone hideout is the front bedroom that allows some space for the parents to enjoy some peace without the constant interruptions from the kids. Other facilities that you can expect in the Keystone Hideout include;

  • A 6 cubic refrigerator
  • Extra sleeping space in the bunkhouse
  • 81 inch interior height that allow you a free head clearance.
  • Extra storage under the master bed to have storage space for the kids

Crossroads RV Z-1

Do you love hiking? No? What about snorkeling? Well, whichever your preferred form of outdoor activity, you will need somewhere to go back to after a long day. The Crossroads RV z-1 is the perfect travel trailer to give you and your family an awesome holiday experience. The trailer comes with a whopping 12 floor plan options. It also has sleeping space for 4 to 10 people and an unloaded weight of 3994 to 727o pounds. The length of the entire trailer falls between 23 and 35 feet. Additional features in this travel trailer include;

  • Fun packages such as skylight in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Outside shower
  • Electric awning
  • Bunkhouse for the kids
  • A 60 inch by 74 inch mattress
  • A fully equipped kitchen that allows you to have the most awesome movie night
  • A 6 cubic electric refrigerator
  • Spacious tub
  • Sleeper sofa for the guest?s sleeping space
  • A water heater that can hold up to 6 gallons
  • Cable TV

Keystone Passport Ultra Lite

With a whopping 42 floor plans, sleeping space for about 10 people and an unloaded weight of between 2955 and 6926 pounds, the Keystone Passport Ultra Lite travel trailer is one of the best quality and cheap travel trailers in the market. Its full length ranges between 18 and 37 feet making it a little bit hard to maneuver but very comfortable when you reach your destination. Some great family choices of the above model include the 199ML Express, 175BH Express and 151ML Express. Additional features on the travel trailer include;

  • Furniture adorned with high grade fabrics
  • Hardwood cabinets
  • Lots of storage space
  • U-shaped dinette table with Beauflor linoleum
  • Double-door fridge
  • 60- by 74-inch queen-sized bed with a storage space underneath
  • LED HDTV flat screen.

Jayco Jay Flight

Jayco Jay Flight

The Jayco Jay Flight delivers comfort at very competitive prices. It offers 17 floor configurations and can sleep up to 10 people. For that capacity of accommodation, you would think that the travel trailer is heavy. But alas! It weighs between 4030 and 8100 pounds when unloaded. Its total length lies between 23 and 38 feet. ?The right floor configurations for families on a budget are 24FBS or 23RB or 19RD in that order. Among the facilities that you can expect in this travel trailer include;

  • Full size bathroom for the family
  • A fully equipped kitchen that offers all the conveniences you can find in a home kitchen.
  • A folding sofa
  • A folding dinette
  • Towable by any 0.5 ton SUV or truck
  • Enough storage room for all the camping necessities.
  • 81-inch ceiling head clearance
  • A hook for hanging a coat at the entrance
  • A Flooring made with DiamondFlor Vinyl
  • A Shaw residential carpet
  • Bunker rooms for children sleeping
  • Powered awning with LED lighting
  • A master bed

A popular saying goes like ?cheap is expensive? but this is not necessarily the truth. Most people spend fortunes on travel trailers because they have not done enough research to understand what their holiday needs are and where they can get cheap but quality trailers. Decide which features that you will want on your trailer and then go on to decide the brand that best represents those features.

Next, you will need to come up with a budgeting tool that will help you calculate the initial payment of the travel trailer. Are you buying the trailer on credit? What repairs do you expect to perform on the trailer to make it suitable for your family needs? Are the repairs covered by the seller/manufacturer /warranty?

Finally, if you already own an RV, you can consider a trade in so that you pay only a little amount for your new acquisition. Before you trade in, do a due diligence on the trader to ensure he has built a good reputation in the RV market. Other options to consider include financing options by either the banks or the manufacturer of the travel trailers. Before you settle on a trailer, make sure you understand the tow vehicle ratings. This is very important in that you may be required to buy a new SUV or crossover to meet the safety and legal standards of your state/country.