Pop Up Campers Buying Guide

As a youngster pop up campers are the ones I remember the most. Camping in upstate New York in our little tent I was always envious of those campers who would drive in with their cute little pop up trailers. Little did I know then how iconic those popup campers were and still are, especially the original Coleman Pop Up campers. Unfortunately Coleman was sold to a division of Fleetwood and that division has folded (no pun intended) so Coleman popups are no longer manufactured.

However if a pop up camper is in your dreams don’t despair as there are still trailer manufacturers that make very capable pop up campers. In this buying guide we’ll go over the various types of pop up campers, how to select one that meets your needs, price range and specification on a few models. ?So let’s begin.

What arePop Up Campers?

Let’s begin with a somewhat clear definition of what are pop-up campers. A pop up is basically a lightweight travel trailer that has sides that collapse or fold for storage. The experience that pop-up provides is a combination of open-air tent camping with the comforts, basic convenience and protection from the elements that are typically found in an RV or travel trailer.

Types of Pop up Campers

You are going to find 3 types of pop up campers. The tent trailer pop-up, soft-top and the A-frame pop up.

Tent Trailer – this typically the standard type of pop up trailer and comes with a solid roof system and the box or frame the opens upward and outwards. You’ll find once extended you get roughly double the size of it’s folded dimensions.

tent-folding pop up campers

Soft-top Tent Trailer?– Somewhat lighter than the hard-top popups since these type of campers have a soft fabric top instead of a solid roof.

soft-top pop up campers

A-Frame – they are named because they look like a little A-frame cabin. These pop-up campers are some of the easier ones to set-up but you do give up some living space for that convenience.

A-Frame Pop up campers

Pop-Up Campers – Why Buy One?

Price – So know that you know a bit about these type of camping trailers why on earth would anyone want to buy one when there a bigger more comfortable ones out there. Let’s begin with the most obvious reason and that is price. For most folks buying a big travel trailer is not in their budget or for some it’s not an expense they want to incur. That where a pop-up tent trailer comes in since they are very reasonably priced often thousands of dollars less than a typical travel trailer. Used ones in very good condition can be had for less than $5,000.00. So for the budget-minded person a pop-up is a great choice.

Sleeping Comfort – Granted you are not going to sleep in luxury but you will be ten times better off than sleeping on the ground. Pop-up camper mattresses do not compare to what you may find at home but they do offer some comfort and surely beats the cold hard ground. Here’s a tip: The mattress platform is open to the air underneath (typically storage space” add a space blanket underneath each mattress so you can stay warm.

Smell That Fresh Air – Due to the mesh that is used along the sides there is better air-flow with a pop-up camper. You don’t have the closed in felling you would typically feel in a tent. For those that might be a bit claustrophobic the pop-up is a better choice than a tent.

What’s Inside – ?Depends on the model bit can be as basic as a sink and small stove or as fancy as a fridge, shower, toilet and air-conditioning unit. The higher end model do seem to pack quite a bit in a small space.

Where Do It Fit My Stuff – Everyone has to bring stuff when they go camping and pop-up campers usually have enough storage pace for all of your need. When more space is needed you can purchase an optional trailer that has additional space, even enough space to carry some of your outdoor toys, included ATVs.

pop up campers

Towing and Driving – One of the best advantage of ?pop-up tent trailers is their weight. Usually less than 2,800 pounds they can be towed by many cars, SUVs and also minivans. Because pop-up have a low profile they are also easy to drive since you are not going to buffeted by the wind as much as you would in a full-size travel trailer. As a bonus you’ll also save on gas.

The Making of a Pop-up Tent Trailer

If you would like to see what goes into a pop up camper check out this video from Jayco.

In Conclusion

Pop-up tent trailer are a great way to get your family into the travel trailer and outdoor lifestyle without breaking the bank. With the many models available you are sure to find one that meets your needs and those of your family. Best of luck with your pop-up and I hope you will enjoy your outdoor lifestyle.

Pop Up Camper Resources

Since there is a huge interested in pop up campers I thought I would list below some resources for those contemplating buying a pop up or already have a pop up camper.

Pop Up Camper Blogs

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Video of a Pop Up Campers Modification – See Below

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