Newmar RV – Should You Buy?

In this article we are stepping away from travel trailers for just a bit. We want to take a look at Newmar RV motor-homes and give you an overview of the company as well as providing some information on several of the motor-coach models built by Newmar RV. So let’s get started.

Newmar RV Company Overview

The Newmar Corporation was founded in Nappanee, Indiana by Marvin Miller and Marvin Newcomer around 1968. They were both employed at an RV manufacturer but left to start Newmar. Their goal was simple; “Build coaches that were better than anything else on the road”.

In 1971 Newmar RV introduced the Kountry Aire 5th wheel. This made Newmar one of the first companies to build 5th wheel and soon they became one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. In 1984 a 51% stake in the company was purchased by Mahlon Miller who at that time was president of Holiday Rambler Corporation. He left Holiday Rambler to join Newmar.

In 1980 the Class A market needed some new blood and along came Newmar. The company introduced tow of their most iconic motor coaches. he Dutch Star and the Mountain Aire.

The Newmar Dutch Star

Newmar RV Dutch Star

The Newmar RV Mountain Aire

Newmar Mountain Aire


It was at around this time the Newmar began introducing ground-breaking concepts into the RV industry such as traditional slide-outs and flush floor slide-outs as well.

In the early 90’s Newmar expanded facilities and by the late 1990’s the company became the first to offer full body pains all all of its RV product line. In 2012 Newmar RV exited the 5th wheel segment and focused solely on manufacturing the high quality Class A motorohomes.

Newmar RV Product Line

Newmar RV manufacturers three lines of motor coaches. The are Luxury Motor Coaches, Gas and Diesel. Within the luxury motor coaches you will find the King Aire, Essex, London Aire and the Mountain Aire models.

Newmar does an excellent job of using video to showcase all of their models of motorhomes. Rather than having all of the video on this page we have linked to the the product pages on the Newmar RV site below.

To see a video walk-through of some of the models simple click on the video link.

The Mountain?Aire – Video

Newmar RV Gas Motor Coaches

The Canyon Star – Video

The Bay Star – Video

Bay Star Sport – Video

Newmar RV Diesel Motor Coaches

The Dutch Star – Video

The Ventana – Video

The Ventana LE – Video

In addition to the models above Newmar also offer three of their model with wheel chair accessibility. That to us here is pretty awesome and very forward thinking. Like Newmar we agree the RV lifestyle should be available and accessible to everyone. The three motorhomes that are wheel chair accessible are the 2017 Dutch Star 4311, 2017 Ventana 4311 and the 2017 Canyon Star 3911. To view these 3 coaches visit their product page here.

Why Buy Newmar RV Motor Coaches

In our humble opinion based on the research we have done we feel the quality of a motor coach or travel trailer start with the foundation or chassis. If you start from the ground up with quality chances are you will end up with a premium product line. Newmar starts with an innovative chassis weld process that ensures a Newmar RV rides smooth, with minimal noise and a longer service life. The sub-floor structures are welded to the rest of the structure for strength and integrity.

When it comes to flooring Newmar RV uses the highest quality tile and carpet. Each coach’s flooring is placed using quality adhesives and thick padding to ensure comfort, durability and long life.?All of the cabinets are handcrafted and the joints are not only glued they are also screwed together for extra strength and durability. The list of features and the quality of construction according to many customers exceeds expectations.

The exterior of Newmar RVs is exquisite. Beautiful design, gorgeous full-body paint of the highest quality, awesome graphics all applied with some of the most advanced equipment and techniques.

Each Newmar RV motor coach comes with a One-Year Unlimited Mileage Limited Warranty and a Five-Year Structural Warranty. See a Newmar Dealer for complete details about the warranty.

In summary we feel that a Newmar RV motor coach is an excellent purchase. The quality, comfort, durability is all their in a stylish package. The company has a history of quality products and innovation. Their focus on motor coaches allows them to build?some of the highest most innovative motor homes in the industry.

Quick Disclaimer – We do not own a Newmar but have a friend who does. We have driven in it, slept in it, and can say from experience that it is indeed a fine motor-coach. Like any purchase we recommend you gather information, test drive if possible, do a physical exterior and interior walk-through and talk to a knowledgeable salesperson before you buy.

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