New Shasta Retro Campers Review

New Shasta Retro Campers Review

Our rating: 4.4 out of 5

The Shasta Retro Camper will definitely catch your eyes. The retro design truly appeals to most adventurers. However, as wonderful and retro the design is, the camper does have a few shortcomings. But that doesn’t make it an overall bad camper and we have the insight on the camper for you that will help you decide whether or not it is a good fit for you. The retro Shasta model we reviewed is the Airflyte Reissue.

Design and features

The camper’s design is what will attract most buyers. The vintage camper has a retro exterior but is fairly modern inside. At just 2,000 lbs. you can probably tow the trailer with smaller trucks and older SUVs which makes it easier for you to go on adventures. If you are a fan of vintage items then you will fall in love with this camper as it allows you to have that vintage touch without having to buy vintage and remodeling and putting money in the camper.

The camper comes with an air conditioner for those hot summer adventures and is modern with Bluetooth speakers. To provide comfort it also has a small bathroom, as much as you can like nature, going outdoors can be a bit scary so the bathroom comes in handy. The interior and exterior design concept is in such a way that you get the best of both worlds, the vintage look, and modern features. Which makes the Shasta Retro a good camper for your trip.

With that said, the camper is fairly small and if you plan on going with a group, it will not be enough. The windows in the camper aren’t that thick and can easily crack and break, possibly by even a small rock. The tires the camper comes equipped with isn’t too durable. Other than that, the camper has everything you would want. You get overhead storage space and have a wonderful kitchen and woodwork inside.

Our verdict

The Shasta Retro Camper is the perfect camper for a couple or a maximum of 4 people. If you plan on going with more than the camper will definitely feel crowded. It is lightweight so easy to move around with and offers you all the basic amenities you would want on your adventure. It is also reasonably priced so you get a stylish camper for a decent price