Best Micro Lite Travel Trailer Features

What is the most important feature you look for in a trailer? Do you consider the price or maybe the interior features? Do you prefer a lighter trailer to a heavier one? When you shop for a trailer, there are numerous different things to consider and it?s very tough to get a trailer that crosses all the boxes on your checklist. Well, with the Micro Lite trailer, you can be sure to get most of your boxes checked off because it comes with quite a lot of features.

microlite travel trailer


The Micro Lite series by Flagstaff is as the name states, light. These trailers come in different sizes but are fairly light for the size they are. Which makes towing a lot easier especially for longer trips. With a hitch weight ranging from 462 lbs to 645 lbs on the bigger models, you can easily tow this trailer with smaller trucks providing ease to many.

Well-built trailers

The durability of a trailer is probably one of the top things on your list. You don?t want to spend thousands of dollars to have it give out on you. With the Micro Lite series, you don?t have to worry too much about that. It comes with a fully laminated aluminum frame and fiberglass sidewalls. The walls come with insulation also so you can use it throughout the year.

Solar panel ready

Keeping up with environmentally friendly technology, the trailer comes with the capability of installing a solar panel. Which is a wonderful option since you will be on the road, you will get plenty of sun for energy.

Storage space

When going on longer trips, you don?t want to have to constantly stop for things. The Micro Lite series comes with a lot of storage space. You have 2 pass through storage areas along with an exterior storage area in the trailer. Which means you can pack for a month long trip with ease with the excess storage space. The lightest model only comes with exterior storage area but that should also be enough while the bigger models come with a lot more storage space.

Spacious interior

How much space you get definitely depends on the model you opt for. However, in general, the Micro Lite series provides ample space. It?s lightest models the 19FBS comes with everything you would want in a trailer. A queen size bed, kitchen, bathroom, and a small dining area. The bigger models have additional add-ons which make them a better option for bigger families.

Big water tank

No matter which model you opt for, you will get a 43-gallon water tank. This is a fairly good amount as most average trailers come with water tanks in the 20-35 gallon range. The extra capacity allows you to go on longer vacations without having the need to refill the water tank. Just remember not to take too long of showers, you will surely use up the water in a couple of days then.

Flagstaff has made sure to construct the Micro Lite series in a way that appeals to families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It provides comfort and features that will make your trip a lot smoother.