Lance Travel Trailer Reviews

Lance travel trailers are well known by those that love to travel, especially going on road trips and outdoor adventures for a few days at a time. Your trip is only as good as the trailer you take and Lance trailers in general, ensure you have the comforts and space you need on your trip.

Today, we review the Lance 1685, one of their most popular travel trailer that basically allows you to take your home on the road with you. The wonderful feature about travel trailers is the fact that you can easily attach them to your car and tow them with you. The 1685 isn?t huge but we recommend you either two it with an SUV or truck, smaller cars may have some trouble as this trailer isn?t that light.

lance travel trailer reviews


  • Compact design, not too big
  • 46 gallon water tank
  • Comfortable interior, comes with everything you need
  • Strong and sturdy build


  • The trailer is great for a family of 3-4, not more. Otherwise it gets very crowded


Like we mentioned, the 1685 isn?t huge, some may consider it to be small at just 20? 9?. It?s compact, however, provides everything you would need for a family of 3 or 4 going camping. The compact size is a good thing because some parks actually have a limitation on the size of trailer you can bring, this one should have zero troubles in both parks and forests in the US. The reason why the 1685 is known to utilize its design properly is due to the fact that it has a lot of storage space. It has 2 forward storage compartments, a full pass through and even one under the bed. Which makes this a wonderful companion on trips that are weeks or even month long.

In the small space, you can find a bed for two, a small table with comfortable seating around it, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and lots of storage space. When you enter the trailer, you may find it to be too compact, but after giving it a little time, you adjust. It sort of grows on you and it should, it provides you with the comforts of your home on the road. As campers age, it gets hard to stay in tents so this is a wonderful trailer to take along on camping trips. It?s compact and provides you with all the comforts you could ask for, making your trips quite memorable without being too exhausted.


The build of the trailer is great, it is sturdy and heavy. When you consider getting a trailer, you should consider the build as you don?t want one that is too thin and light, they not only provide weak shelter especially from the cold but also have chances of giving out on the ride to the location alone. Think about it, you will probably drive off-road or drive through rocky roads to get to the location, which means the trailer will vibrate quite a lot. You want one that is built strong enough to withstand that without having things flying from one place to the other inside. With the 1685, you don?t really have to worry about that.

The trailer comes with a 46 gallon tank which is a great companion for longer trips, you can easily go a week with that much water as long as you don?t use it excessively.

Our Verdict

The Lance 1685 is a wonderful trailer for all 4 seasons. It not only provides you with comfort but quite a lot of storage space so you can easily go on longer trips. It is compact but durable and sturdy, making it a great companion for your trips.