Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer Review

Camping right is having the right gear to camp. The Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer stands out as one of the best examples of trailers to use on your next camping trip. It blends luxury and quality to deliver the camping experiences you can only dream about on the sunny Caribbean seashores.

It has quality features and come in different categories including fifth wheels and travel trailers. They come with floor plans and layouts to accommodate all type of families.

Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer

Every model of Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer comes with chassis, an 8-foot exterior width, a steel-reinforced structure and host of other standard features that you will need in an operational trailer.

Your camping experience will be much more interesting when you have all that that you required during your holiday.

The Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer is a creation of Cole Davis. He founded the company that manufactures the RV in 1996 with a clear vision of building quality RV?s that were competitively priced to be affordable by the mass market. He recruited a team that focused on keeping the overhead low. He also empowered members of staff that were in the customer facing desks to make more decisions in the design of RV?s.

From floor designs to patented innovations, Keystone is the clear market leader. It has endeavored to keep close to the market by hosting sales shows, visiting dealerships, continuously developing their products and encouraging every member of the team to produce a camper they would buy themselves.

What the Customers Say about Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer

?On the maiden voyage of our camper, we noticed a number of things wrong with the unit. A support for the bunk was snapped in half, the dead bolt would not engage, there was a 2 inch gap between the door and the door frame, the microwave had a broken part, the sink squirted in multiple directions and a list of other problems. These issues should have been caught before it ever left the dealer. Keystone should have been more sympathetic to their customer concerns instead of telling them that that is what the warranty is for. The unit was in the shop for the first month of ownership and it still isn’t repaired properly. Keystones response is “what do you expect us to do?” I expect you to treat me like you appreciate my business not just my money?

-?Phillip Savage, Georgia

?Loved it when we first got it but the molding around front door keeps coming off the screw’s on the cabinet’s keep coming lose ac never turns off when in use and after 3 months had an electrical fire in the back of fuse panel and charging center and had two more small electrical fires in the charging center and that’s with nothing plug into the charging center. The screws in finder keep coming lose and some of the screw’s holding the side panel keep coming lose and we have only had it 8 months now and now need new tires. We do use our trailer a lot and we do baby it but so many problems with it most are small things we shouldn’t have to deal with but 3 electrical fires and the two in the charging center with nothing plugged in only running on the trailer battery. I got a lemon but when we don’t have any problems it?s a good trailer with a great layout for my family.?

-?Richard, California

Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer Review

Basic Facilities in Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer

Luxury Exterior Diamond Plate, Black Tank Flush, E-Coated Wheels, Exterior TV Hookup/Cable & Bracket, Powder Coated I-Beam Frame, Full Length Outriggers
Luxury Interior Full Strutted Storage under Master Bed, Interior Surround Sound Speakers, Hidden Laundry Chute, Monitor Panel, Residential Refrigerator, 12 Volt 55 Amp Converter, Built-In 30,000 BTU Furnace
Luxury Exterior Options Exterior Shower, Spare Tire and Carrier, Rear Ladder (Most Models), HD LED TV, 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner
Safety Options Safety Chain, Electric Brakes, LP Gas Detector, Fire Extinguisher, Tinted Safety Glass, Break Away Switch, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Smoke Detector, GFI Electrical Outlets


  • Its security features such as safety chains, smoke detectors, fire extinguisher and breakaway switch make it a very safe trailer for families travelling with children.
  • It comes with floor customizations that will shame a 3-star hotel.
  • It is built for luxury


  • It is a little bit price compared to other RVS.

With the Keystone Hideout Trailer, you can camp both in winter as well as in summer. So if you love winter games, this trailer will give you the level of comfort you need to go out and ski or dog sleigh or whatever takes your fancy.