Keystone Hideout 308BHDS Review

When you are out for a weekend with friends or on a family trip you have probably seen those big trailers that some lucky people get to sleep in, well that can be you. This article is all about the Keystone Hideout 308BHDS review. This trailer is loaded with everything you would ever need to go camping. You can sleep in luxury at nights after a long hot day in the sun and even enjoy showers to freshen up. Campers will love the design, from the front to the back the Keystone Hideout 308BHDS is sexy and sleek with loads of privacy for you and your family.

Master Bedroom

  • The Keystone Hideout is equipped with a large queen-size bed that also come with a lot of storage underneath with some pullout drawers.
  • A bedside wardrobe to put all of your clothes
  • Above the bed are some overhead cabinets to keep any of your extra belongings.
  • Instead of a hard tile floor the Keystone Hideout comes with soft carpeting.
  • Attached to the bedroom is a nice sized bathroom.
  • Some people are concerned about germs when it come to bathrooms in a trailer, but you don?t have to worry about that because the Keystone comes with a foot flush toilet.
  • The bathroom also features a very nice mirrored medicine cabinet.

Full Bathroom

  • A big bright beautiful tub/shower with a curtain and a skylight.
  • Just like the other bathroom it features a foot flush toilet
  • A huge medicine cabinet to keep all of your toothbrushes and medical needs.
  • This bathroom also has a separate door that connects to the outside. We all know easy access to the bathroom can be a huge plus on those camping trips. You also don?t have to disturb anyone else in the trailer every time you have to go to the bathroom.


  • Most people tend to lean towards the kitchen as the focal point of the entire trailer. All you meals are made there, and people are constantly in and out grabbing drinks and snacks. This will most likely be your most used room.
  • This beautiful trailer is big and bright, featuring a double-sided sink so you can clean your dishes without any hassle.
  • You will be able to cook 3 separate dishes with the 3-burner stovetop and vent to clear away the moisture.
  • A microwave is also available to use for those frozen dinners during camping season.
  • To keep all your beverages cold the trailer is equipped with a double door fridge and freezer.
  • Surrounding the entire kitchen area are loads of cabinets and drawers to keep all of your kitchenware. You will definitely have enough room for everything that you need.

Living area

  • Right across from the kitchen is a large U-shaped dinette
  • This large eating area is big enough to accommodate 10 people
  • The dinette and the sofa across the room both fold down easily for additional sleeping areas when needed
  • These eating/sleeping areas are in a great place so you can easily watch the entertainment center with an HD LED TV filled with all the newest technologies.


One of the great things about buying a motor-less trailer is that when you buy it, it doesn?t depreciate in value very fast. Unlike buying a trailer with a motor that loses its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. There are many different prices on the same product, so if you are looking to buy make sure you research many different places to find the best deal for yourself. The last thing you want is to buy an expensive trailer like this one only to find the exact same one for a cheaper price. Sometimes looking at used trailers is also best, Some of them are practically band new and are being sold because of no fault of how it performs, simply because they are not needed anymore.