Keystone Hideout 27DBS Review

This article will be a full Keystone Hideout 27DBS trailer review. This beautiful trailer is fully equipped with all of the newest features and gadgets. Your friends and family will be blown away fi you arrive at the camping site with this trailer. The keystone is absolutely loaded with appliances, and has everything you need to enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of home with you. Whether you have kids or just want to head out by yourself you wont be disappointed with the keystone Hideout 27DBS

The Kitchen

  • The kitchen is most often the focal point of the entire trailer, more often then not someone will be in there at all times, either grabbing some food, a drink, preparing a meal, or cleaning up dishes, someone will be doing something, and since this trailer is so big there is enough room for multiple people in the kitchen at one time.
  • The kitchen has a large double door fridge and freezer for all of your food and drinks.
  • The 3-burner stove is perfect for cooking multiple meals at one time.
  • Equipped with a microwave to cook your frozen meals and of coarse your popcorn for movie night.
  • The large double-sided sink is perfect for cleaning dishes on one side and drying them in the other.
  • There are tons of cupboards surrounding the entire kitchen, you will not run out of space for all of your appliances. Pots, pans, cutlery, everything will fit in this kitchen.

The Bedroom

  • The Master bedroom is right at the front of the trailer with two dual entry doors, one on each side of the entertainment center.
  • A queen-sized bed is large enough for you and your significant other.
  • Closets on both side of the bed give lots of room for two people to hold all of their belongings.
  • Above the bed is even more storage for all of your smaller appliances.
  • Sliding door allow you to open the room up for a view of the entire trailer, they also close so you can have some privacy at night time when needed.

The Living area

  • Right across from the kitchen is a large U-shaped dinette that can sit up t0 6-8 people at once.
  • Beside the dinette is a large sleeper sofa for additional sleeping area.
  • Both of these are in direct site of the entertainment system so you can watch TV while you eat or rest.

The Bathroom

  • The bathroom is also pretty large. You wont have any trouble thinking you are at home in your own bathroom, that?s how nice it is.
  • A very nice foot flush toilet so you don?t have to use your hands and possibly spread germs.
  • A full bathtub is large enough that you want have to cram into a small shower to rinse off.
  • A sink and medicine cabinet are also available so you can keep all your toiletries out of site.


The Keystone Hideout 27DBS is everything you ever wanted in a trailer. One of the great things about buying a motor less trailer is that it doesn?t depreciate as fast as on with a motor in it. Make sure you do all your research on this trailer, the last thing that you want to do is to buy something that you?re not sure of. You will want to take the time to go and check one out for yourself, don?t rely on pictures and videos, they can sometime be misleading, if you are going to invest in such a big commitment you will want to be certain of what you are buying. Secondly you will want to search for new and used versions of this trailer to endure you are getting the best deal possible. And lastly, go out and enjoy yourself in your beautiful Keystone Hideout 27DBS trailer!