Keystone Fuzion 420 Review

This is the Keystone Fuzion 420 review. The Fuzion 420 is a massive towing trailer with the ability to sleep up to 6 people very comfortably. If you and your family, or a group of friends are ready to go camping in style, then look no further, this fully loaded trailer will make your weekend getaway one to remember! With two massive pullouts to make your nights and days even more comfortable the Keystone Fuzion will certainly not disappoint.

The Kitchen

  • Leaving home can sometimes mean cooking meals in dirty pans in a fire pit, although you can still do that if you want, with the Fuzion 420 you can cook anything you want as if you were in the comfort of your own home.
  • You can satisfy your appetite on a 3-burner stove with a recessed oven so you can cook and bake at the same time.
  • Featured with dual sinks you can clean all your dirty dishes without cramming around the clutter. The kitchen is beautifully topped off with a two-door refrigerator.
  • A microwave is also available, surrounded by 5 massive cabinets for all of your dishes and Tupperware that make this kitchen a focal point of the whole trailer.
  • The counter area is all granite and easy to wash.

The Main Room

  • The main room, which is connected to the kitchen, is ideal for hanging out and cracking open a cold one, or sitting with the family watching a movie.
  • The HEATED couch is huge, with 4 cushions you can sit without worrying about not having enough room.
  • Across from the couch is an LED TV and an entertainment system.
  • Floodlights above the couch and standing area are perfect so you don?t have to worry about them hanging down and getting in your way.
  • Below the entertainment center is a fireplace for those romantic getaways.
  • Also attached to the main room is a bathroom, this only features a bathroom and a sink, the only shower is attached to the bathroom in the master bedroom.

The 12-foot rear garage/side patio

  • The first pull out is a huge 12 foot garage for your vehicle, if you don?t need to use this space for your truck then it can actually be used for a number of things such as additional sleeping area, games room etc.?
  • The rear of the trailer has two sofas facing each other for additional seating.
  • A queen bed is overhead and can come down when you have people over.
  • The other pull out is a side patio with an external TV so you can enjoy the indoors outside.

The Bedroom

  • The bedroom floor is fully carpeted for your comfort.
  • Featuring a king sized bed with a deluxe memory foam mattress, you will have all the space in the world, you and your loved one will each have your own massive area of the bed.
  • Plenty of storage including under the bed pullout drawers.
  • With a huge wardrobe so you can keep all of your clothes separate and easily accessible.
  • Incase that?s not enough storage for you, the master bedroom also has overhead cabinets for all your additional belongings.
  • A bathroom is also connected to the main room and features a foot-flush toilet, a large mirror that?s also a medicine cabinet. A shower big enough that you wont feel Closter phobic in.


The Keystone Fuzion has everything you need in a towing trailer. Buying one will certainly make your neighbors and friends jealous when you go out camping together and you get to sleep like a king at night inside your warm cozy trailer. There are a couple things you should consider though before buying a Keystone Fuzion 420 trailer. You will want to take the time to go and check one out for yourself, don?t rely on pictures and videos, they can sometime be misleading, if you are going to invest in such a big commitment you will want to be certain of what you are buying. Secondly you will want to search for new and used versions of this trailer to endure you are getting the best deal possible. And lastly, go out and enjoy yourself in your beautiful Keystone Fuzion 420 trailer!