Keystone Bullet Ultra Lite Crossfire Review

This is the lightweight trailer which enables you to connect/hookup easily and you can go to a place of your choice, it is fuel efficient and you can use your car or truck to pull it. Its body is sleek and smooth on the outside and loaded with functions and services in the interior, the new Bullet crossfire Ultra Lite gives you a life time chance to explore the way or go camping at any place of your choosing. Keystone Bullet Ultra Lite Crossfire is easy to tow and is gas efficient. You do not have to worry about buying an extra truck so that you can pull it because the Keystone Bullet Ultra Lite Crossfire has been made to be much more lighter that even you normal car can pull it for you, the bullet travel trailer Ultra lite announces a new generation of recreational vehicles.

Keystone Bullet Ultra Lite Crossfire

Technical Specification

  • Body Material -AluminumKeystone Bullet Ultra Lite Crossfire
  • Fiberglass ?for side wall construction
  • Doors – 1
  • Length – 22.08 ft
  • Width – inches 96
  • Height ? inches 126
  • Length ? 16
  • Dry weight – lbs 3330
  • Load capacity ? lbs 1370
  • Rear brake – electric drum

Why you should Buy Keystone Bullet Ultra Lite Crossfire

  • Nightshades in the living room: – this tech ensures even distribution of light in the entire living room area and all so protects your eyes in case you studying or reading.
  • Solid wood medicine cabinet; – this is a safety measure to ensure all your medicine are kept at room temperature to avoid spoiling.
  • Wardrobes with mirrors: – just in case you one of those who likes to admire yourself then this feature will make you love this trailer.
  • Hooks for Towel: – you don?t have to worry where to place your towel while having your shower since the hooks are provided inside the bathroom
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Flooring: – I love this feature since it is specifically designed for use on trailer trucks which experience unfavorable conditions due to heavy lift truck traffic on top and water spray during wet seasons on the bottom of the trailer.
  • Full opaque window treatments: – Who doesn?t love privacy? I love privacy and I am sure you do too, this feature makes it virtually impossible for anyone outside the trailer to see what you doing inside.
  • A master Bedroom: – the Main bedroom is big, like really big, the bed is big enough to accommodate four people and the bed has drawers on both sides of the bed.

Keystone Bullet Ultra Lite Crossfire

  • Hot water for winter: – when is cold season you can always be sure that you have an option for hot water.
  • Coated Steel Wheels E-Black: – well rusting shouldn?t be an issue anymore as your wheels are protected from such.
  • TV aerial and cable / satellite in circuit: – connecting your antenna has been made even easier with the provision of a satellite hook-up.
  • Outdoor loudspeakers: everybody loves music, so with the outside speakers you will be able to play you favorite songs and relax outside as you listen to the songs play.
  • Bluetooth Stereo with Aux and I-Pod Connection: – this again in another feature that makes me love this trailer, with such tech only provides you with multiple ways of connecting your devices even with no cable.
  • Improved foam mattresses: – after having your fun, you will need a place to sleep. The mattresses is so comfy that even if you?re an early person you might just wake up late.
  • Carbon monoxide detector: – another feature just to keep you safe, when the carbon monoxide level are high you sure to get a warning in advance.


Keystone Bullet Ultra Lite Crossfire has all the features anyone would wish to ha in their trailer, with all these features such as exterior side walls in fiberglass laminate, aluminum frame in the front part, an aggressive front profile for better traction when you are towing and many other standard design features you definitely would wish to have on a trailer. This offer is a must have if you love camping or just to have a road trip with your family or friend as the Keystone Bullet Ultra Lite Crossfire will provide great experience and memories to treasure.