Keystone Bullet 287 QBS Review

When you and your family hit the road to go on a trip or just to go camping you can do it in style and learn how with the Keystone Bullet 287QBS review. This motor-less trailer is fully equipped and has everything you will need to have a great time. Everything in the Keystone Bullet 287 QBS is modern, convenient and cozy for all your needs, everyone in your family will absolutely love it.

Keystone Bullet 287 QBS

The Bedrooms

  • The Keystone Bullet 287QBS has a huge beautiful private bedroom at the very front, equipped with a queen mattress and sliding door to create a quiet space for you to sleep peacefully without being disturbed by anyone in the rest of the trailer. The bedroom has two wardrobes, one on each side of the bed for two people to have their own space for their clothes. The main bedroom also has a laundry chute so you have a place to store your dirty clothes.
  • As you move towards the back of the trailer you will find the rear bunkhouse for additional sleep areas. This area is also able to be separate from the rest of the trailer because of its sliding doors giving the rest of your campers some privacy. This extra room comes with duel bunk beds and its own dinette. This cozy part of the trailer also comes with its own wardrobe so your visitors or kids can have a space to store their belongings.

Keystone Bullet 287 QBS

The Kitchen

  • The kitchen has everything you would ever need. With the ability to make meals as if you were in your very own kitchen at home. ?The sink is a great size to do your dishes or any washing you need to be done. This kitchen is toped off with a massive 17?? oven and 3-burner stovetop.

The Bathroom

  • The bathroom is often one of the best selling points of any home, this is no different for the Keystone Bullet 287 QBS. With a full bath and glass door shower, this bathroom is very appealing to the eye. Also featured with a solid wood medicine cabinet to store all of your toiletries. The bathroom is also equipped with hooks so you can hang your dirty or clean towels for quick and easy use. On the ceiling there is a vent to get rid of unwanted moisture so you don?t have to worry about steaming up the rest of the trailer.

Additional Information

  • The keystone Bullet 287 QBS is huge, being able to sleep up to 8 people comfortably.
  • The ceiling height should be tall enough for everyone reaching 10?7??
  • The width of the trailer is 8?0??
  • Because of how large the trailer is it can hold up to 7600lbs
  • The fresh water tank holds 43 Gallons.
  • The grey water and black water tanks both hold 30 gallons
  • LED lighting throughout the whole unit.
  • Perfect drip spouts on the exterior to prevent from black streak lines.
  • Tons of additional pass through compartments.
  • Fiber glass reinforced floor so you don?t have to worry about anything breaking.

One of the great things about buying a motor-less trailer is that when you buy it, it doesn?t depreciate in value very fast. Unlike buying a trailer with a motor that loses its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. If when you buy the Keystone Bullet 287 QBS and don?t want it after a year or two you should be able to get good value back on your purchase. There are many different prices on the same product, so if you are looking to buy make sure you research many different places to find the best deal for yourself. The last thing you want is to buy an expensive trailer like this one only to find the exact same one for a cheaper price. Sometimes looking at used trailers is also best, Some of them are practically band new and are being sold because of no fault of how it performs, simply because they are not needed anymore.

So if you are ready to have a great time with your Keystone Bullet 287 QBS and go on the adventure of a lifetime then you should test one out as son as possible. You wont be disappointed.