Keystone Bullet 272 BHS Review

The Keystone Bullet 272 BHS review review is what you should expect from this article. The Keystone Bullet 272 is a top of the line camper. If you are looking to go camping in luxury then look no further. The keystone is absolutely loaded with appliances, and has everything you need to enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of home with you. Whether you have kids or just want to head out by yourself you wont be disappointed with the keystone bullet 272 BHS.

Keystone Bullet 272 BHS

If you are looking for a spacious layout for your trailer then you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the keystone Bullet 272 BHS has a very open concept living arrangement. The interior is a dark wood color which matches almost anything you throw in it.

The Keystone Bullet 272 BHS has multiple entries to get into you nice new trailer. When you walk in the main door you will find a spacious interior with a large sofa and booth dinette. When you are finished with enjoying the outdoors you can come inside and sit in the entertainment center that is directly facing the kitchen and living area. With the large windows in the trailer the sun will brighten up the whole space.

The kitchen in the trailer is very updated with a fridge/freezer, three-burner range stove, lots of storage for plates and cutlery, and lastly a massive kitchen sink on an L shaped counter. There is plenty of cupboard space for camping supplies for in the trailer or our b the fireplace.

Keystone Bullet 272 BHS

The main bedroom is fully equipped with a queen size sofa that has lots of closet space on both sides so two people can have their own space for their clothes. The sliding doors allow for a private area when needed. Most trailers feature a double bed, but the queen I feels a lot like a king and you will have plenty of room for yourself and your significant other.

On the rear end of the trailer there is a bunk bed for the children or for your friends, although there are no doors for privacy there is a curtain to pull across to allow yourself a bit of privacy from the living area. There is a little ladder for anyone who wants to get on the top bunk.

There is a full bathroom that also has its own outside entrance which everyone knows is a huge must have. There is nothing worse than having to go inside and walk past everyone and announce you are going to the washroom. You can just go straight from the outside without bothering or waking anyone up. The bathroom is stalked with a tub/shower, toilet and sink. Having a full showering area is refreshing. When you think of showering in a trailer, you think of being crammed in a little space trying to wash yourself, in the Keystone Bullet 272 BHS you have plenty of room, you will feel like you will be showering in the comfort of your own home.

Now just like all other trailers there are a few specifications that you will want to know about, Like how the length of the trailer is thirty feet, the width is eight feet and the height is ten feet, the maximum number of people that it could possibly sleep is 9. The Keystone Bullet 272 HBS has a full cargo weight capacity of 2500lbs. This is a heavy-duty trailer with a very modern day look that will make other people at the campground jealous.

One of the great things about buying a motor-less trailer is that when you buy it, it doesn?t depreciate in value very fast. Unlike buying a trailer with a motor that loses its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. If when you buy the Keystone Bullet 272 BHS and don?t want it after a year or two you should be able to get good value back on your purchase. There are many different prices on the same product, so if you are looking to buy make sure you research many different places to find the best deal for yourself.