Keystone Bullet 248rks Review

If you are reading this then you are interested in a Keystone Bullet 248rks review. In this beautiful towing trailer you can explore the countryside or go camping in style. The Keystone Bullet 248rks is massive and actually has two entry points because of how long it is. Loaded with all kinds of features this RV will blow your mind, if you don?t believe me go and check one out for yourself, you wont be disappointed. Everyone in your family will love to travel in style, and your neighbors and friends will be envious of how comfortable you will be during the day and the night.

Keystone Bullet 248rks

The Bedroom

  • Lets start off with the master bedroom which has tons of space and features a queen size mattress, you and your significant other will not lack space in this bed. There is a lot to like about the master, with tons of storage including two wardrobes on each side of the bed for two people to keep all of their clothes and anything else they want to pack away. If that isn?t enough room then you will be happy to know that there is also under the bed storage. The reading lights on the ceiling are a nice addition for those of you who love to crawl in bed and read a good book. The bedroom also has its own door to the outside for private use.

The Kitchen

  • When it comes to a kitchen most people find it to be one of the focal points of the whole trailer. In the Keystone Bullet 248rks you will find everything you need in the nice open concept kitchen. Featuring a large two-door fridge with lots of cabinet space surrounding it. Perfect for all of your dinnerware. This kitchen also comes with a 3-burner stovetop and a 17?? oven. The second door to get into the trailer is located in the kitchen. With lots of space you won?t be bumping into anyone else who is in the kitchen, there is plenty of room for two people to make a delicious meal.

The Bathroom

  • The Keystone Bullet 248rks has a huge full bathroom with a linen closet and cabinet for all of your toiletries, keeping you towels away and hidden allows the bathroom to remain perfectly tidy and clear of clutter. When you are finished with your towel there are hangers along the wall for you to let them dry until the next time you want to use them. To keep the bathroom from getting too much moisture there is a ceiling vent so you can enjoy lengthy hot water showers.

The Living area

  • After you have had a long day on the road or in the countryside with the blistering hot sun you will probably want to relax on your comfy sofa in the main area. Over top of the big comfy sofa is plenty of cabinet space for all of your games, DVD?s, cards, and any other electronic devices that you bring with you on the road. Right across from the sofa is the dinette where you can enjoy your meals in a modern style booth.


  • The interior of the Keystone Bullet 248rks trailer is beautifully lit with LED lighting, and the exterior has an enclosed underbelly to protect it from any debris.


  • When you are looking to buy a trailer make sure you do all of your homework. Checking all different websites including new and used. Sometimes you will find exactly what you are looking for and for the perfect price for you. When you buy a motor less trailer such as the Keystone Bullet 248rks you will be happy to know that it doesn?t depreciate in value very much, so in a couple years if you are wanting to sell it for a newer model you shouldn?t have a problem with getting great value out of it. SO if you are ready for an amazing adventure then strap up your boots and get ready to hit the road in the fully loaded RKS trailer.