Keystone Bullet 243bhs Review

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Alternatively called a ?camper van? and ?motorhome?, a recreational vehicle is the usual term for a motor vehicle or trailer that includes by design a living space and often times a bathroom and kitchen amongst others. The most luxurious of recreational vehicles even feature amenities such as hot tubs or dining rooms, practically being proper, mobile homes.

Even though they are primarily used for temporary excursions during vacation time, many users employ them full-time for conducting their business. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that a quality recreational vehicle can serve as home and transport vehicle simultaneously.

The laws governing them vary by state and they may be subject to the same laws as other automobiles or have laws specific to them.

The Keystone Bullet 243bhs Model

The Keystone Bullet 243bhs Model

The Bullet 243bhs is an RV of the Travel Trailer type, manufactured in the USA by ?Keystone?, the number one manufacturer of recreational vehicles in North America. First introduced in 2017, this piece of workmanship is 8,50 meters long and 2,44 meters wide. From bottom to top, it measures to 3,10 meters, whereas it?s interior height is 1,99 meters.

Its body material is made of aluminum, as is its wheels composition whereas its sidewall construction is made of fiberglass. Its structure, roof and general, basic warranty all are twelve months.

Keystone Bullet 243bhs Model

Pros and cons

The model has a significant amount of quality of life features, and should cover all but the most demanding and extravagant of customer?s needs. ?Inside, at the center of the truck, there is a ?U? shaped dinette, a kitchen with a vinyl flooring type, three oven burners, and a mid-sized electric refrigerator. Next, one can find included two double sized beds, one queen sized bed and one convertible, sofa bed ? numbering to a max sleeping count of eight.

At the rear of the truck, there?s a curtain behind which lies a bathroom with a bathtub, a sink, a medicine cabinet, a mirror and a standard fan system.

When it comes to audio and communications, there is a radio, a DVD player, one TV and a retractable roof antenna.

There?s automatic air conditioning along with an automatic heater, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, a propane alarm and even an emergency exit. The water heater tank?s capacity numbers to 22,7 liters.

There is one fresh water holding tank, with a capacity of 162,8 liters, and one gray water holding tank with a capacity of 113,6 liters. Finally, there is one black water holding tank with a capacity of 113,6 liters.

As for the cons of this particular model type, one can mention how it?s missing some features. Notably, an exterior, sliding glass door does not exist, as is a screener room. There is no phone, satellite or washer electrical prewiring.

On the interior side, there is no reclining sofa nor is there a full-size master bedroom closet. Also, there are no master bedroom mirror doors.

Sample comparison

Compared to Reflection Travel Trailer 297RSTS, a travel trailer manufactured by Grand Design, one can quickly tell that even though Bullet 243BHS is significantly smaller ? namely, two whole meters less in length, and about half a meter in height, it does not fall short when it comes to the amenities included.

They both have the same number of water holding tanks, and both have about the same electrical prewiring ? except that Reflection has satellite prewiring.

On the flip side however, Reflection seems to be lacking in the sleeping count department, as despite its bigger size it maxes on a sleeping count of six compared to Keystone?s Bullet 243BHS eight.

Of note is how Reflection?s warranty differentiates from Keystone Bullet?s when it comes to structure. Specifically, whereas they both hold a twelve month roof and basic warranty, Reflection has a thirty six month structure warranty compared to Keystone Bullet?s twelve.


To summarize, buying a recreational vehicle is a huge investment. You are essentially buying a moveable, mobile home. That is definitely no easy task, and one should carefully weigh in on all their options.

Keystone is a renowned company, known for its great products. As carefully presented above, the Bullet 243BHS model includes nearly everything one needs in an RV to accommodate a highly mobile lifestyle. Perfect both for drifting around, going to camping excursions or plain sightseeing and for a fast-paced, loosely rooted business lifestyle the Bullet 243BHS is a trailer you should absolutely consider.

All in all, we would recommend Keystone and this particular product to all interested parties.