Keystone Avalanche 380fl Review

Keystone avalanche 380fl best RV fifth wheel to be considered. Are you a family person or just someone who likes to have good company of friends over a long weekend and wants to take a road trip or to camp? Then, the 380fl is suitable for everything in one package. Once you know all its features trust me, you will rush out to buy these recreational vehicles.

Keystone Avalanche 380fl

Why 380fl KeyStone Avalanche?

  • I will list some of the most important features you will find when you and your family or friends buy 380fl to enjoy the comfortable travel for you:
  • Enclosure cabinets 380fl are strong south ash wood with concealed private hinges 6 way. This simply means that they will serve for a long time without having to worry about repairs or replacement.
  • The cupboard slides with a washer and dryer options – such a design that allows you to enjoy and even family members or friends will feel comfortable also you get a corner shower and a good bathroom space.
  • The interior has strong wood entry doors, wooden shutters, LED lights and fashioner light fixtures, specifically the sliding entrance leads to the back room, where you will find a large King size bed. This is a great feature, especially if you buy to hang with friends, the King size bed can be shared up to four people and you will always feel at ease.

  • Exterior with large enough storage space heats and safe. The interior has a huge closet for storage and storage pantry includes a cedar body and double storage cabinet/closet for shoes.
  • On the front side of the living room: Its huge, you can invite friends or family to sleep or even family dinner and they can spend the night.
  • Tinted windows: The windows are designed to allow much light and at the same time serve as a fan to circulate the fresh air inside, you do not have to worry if more people will be coming over because you will still have good ventilation.
  • Has awesome features to accommodate a party to be hosted inside: – 48-inch LED TV with DVD player and Bluetooth 32W includes its system with external speakers. You can play your favorite music and at the same time watch your favorite team play football.
  • 32-inch TV for ?the bedroom in case you are a loner and you did not feel much more comfortable with people who are in the room, ?you can close the door and start playing your favorite game or watching the soap opera that you follow and you never wish to even miss an episode.
  • Large kitchen best of all: – A display cabinet with a mass storage capacity and counters, simply located along the kitchen straight, you get an unattached dinette slide and four seats. A kitchen island also offers double sinks and counter prep space, while inverse the entryway you will discover a slide out of three burner range, counter space and a refrigerator.


  • Upper front painted with new shaded fiberglass walls: – The cap painted does not blur and the chalk lie gel mixed caps ensures less maintenance. In addition, the rich fiberglass gray has colored fiberglass exterior wall color with the cap that gives an exquisite custom tone appearance.
  • 4-degree protection tested and confirmed for all seasons: – Innovation Thermo Shield that ensures your storage tanks are protected, R37protection layer and in addition warm vents in the storage tank and storage areas with ceiling R28, R10 in the sidewalls and R32 on the floor.
  • Solid Chassis and Foundation: As it comes with G stainless steel tires which are built with ten I-beams, 7000 lb axles and Z outline technology provides extra space for storage tanks



With all these amazing features offered by 380FL in the form of SIX slides that make a large measure of extra floor space, a king size bed in the bedroom, a room spacious enough for eight, a front living range format and a kitchen island which is spacious. What can you ask for? The 380fl is literally a wheeled house, because it has all the amazing things that one can find in a typical house. If you have never had this information now you have and you can start making arrangements to own one.