Jumping Jack Trailers – Tent Camping Redefined

In today’s post we are going to take a look at Jumping Jack Trailers and what I consider a really cool and unique approach to tent/trailer camping. Jumping Jack Trailers has been in operation for over?15 years and are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They manufacture a line of folding tent campers that also provide the ability to carry ATV or motorcycles on top of the trailer. Their target market is the hunting and outdoor market. Let take a look at what Jumping Jack Trailers has to offer.

The 4×6 Utility Pod

Jumping Jack Trailers 4x6 Utility Pod

Jumping Jack Trailers refers to this model as “The Ultimate Camping Utility Pod”. This pod?is versatile and provides a large and comfortable living space for those wanting to enjoy the outdoor. Useful for hunting, fishing and when hitting the trails on your ATV. Though I could not confirm the assumption from the looks of this tent camper is that you basically drop in to your pick-up bed and away you go.

The tent pod can carry one ATV or a couple of dirt bikes as seen in the photo above. The tent floor space is 48 square feet and can comfortable sleep 2 adults. It?has a 2,500 torsion bar axle so it’s safe to say this pod is strong. For a full list of features on the 4×6 pod and the tent click here. (I am going off the specs page on their website and it appears features and specs do not match the photo above of the pod. As soon as I get clarification from the manufacturer I will update this page.

Explorer 4×6 Utility

Jumping Jack Trailers 4x6 explorer-trailer

The Explorer 4×6 Utility trailers is similar in dimension to the pod listed above, but this on is a trailer with some added benefits. It can carry one ATV or a couple of dirt bikes, it has recessed lighting, side-steps, a full-sized spare tire, an outside step stool and 15 inch wheels. It can be used as a tent-trailer and can also be used as a utility trailer by removing the tent package and using the platform as the high-walls.

Jumping Jack Trailers utility_4x6

The trailer is 74 inches wide and 122 inches long with 2×6 floor decking. It has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 2,500 lbs You can also get electric brakes as an option. The tent sleeps 2 and includes either two small mattresses or 1 large double bed mattress. The tent weighs 150 lbs.

Jumping Jack Trailers Standard 6×8, Mid 6×12 and Jumbo 6×7 Utility Trailers

Jumping Jack Trailers manufacturers their tent/utility trailers in three more sizes which are the Standard 6×8, the Mid 6×12 and the Jumbo 6×17 tent trailers. As you increase the size you obviously increase your carrying capacity and sleeping area. you only increase the usefulness of the trailer as a utilitarian trailer. As far as the features are concerned you’ll find the same features in the bigger trailers as well. Such as powder coat finish, recessed LED lights, full-size spare and so on.

Jumping Jack Trailers 4x6 Utility Pod

Overall we here think these tent/utility travel trailers are a great solution for the avid hunter, fisherman or outdoors-man who need the raggedness of a well-made trailer with the added benefit of sleeping quarters. To view all of the Jumping Jack Trailers, more photos and dimension click here.

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