iCamp Elite Review

Ranking: 4.7 out of 5 ???????????????????????????????????Cost: $$$$$


Compact and lightweight camper

Provides exceptional facilities for its size (kitchen, bathroom, foldout bed, dining table)

Has plenty of storage space


Bed was not as comfortable as we would have hoped

iCamp EliteYou know you can rely on one of the biggest RV manufacturers in Asia, CenTech, to come up with a wonderful, compact camper that provides you with pretty much everything you would need. The iCamp Elite makes almost makes you forget the fact that you are out in the wild, it provides great comfort and facilities so your overall camping experience is not dampened by your stay.

While camping is a great experience to be more in touch with the wild, the camping situation especially staying in a tent can be a bit uncomfortable. That is why many people prefer to take a camper with them on the trip. Not only do campers provide comfort but they make it easier to carry and access the numerous different things you would need on your trip. You don?t want a huge camper attached to your car, you want one that is compact yet provides you with everything you need. The iCamp Elite does just that.

About iCamp Elite

When we say compact, we really mean it. The iCamp Elite is just 14 feet and 7 inches long. It?s not like a huge camper that you need to drag around with a heavy duty truck, you can easily tow it with a light truck and many passenger cars even. It?s fairly light, you can get a few of your friends to easily push it around if you like with a problem.

Even though it is compact, you still get pretty much what you require from a camper. At the far end of the camper, you have a long bed, for one person and two smaller bed/sitting area attached to it. The bed area also folds out so you have more than enough space for 3-4 people to sleep at night. Obviously, if you are looking to go with a lot of people, the camper isn?t ideal. But for a small group, it works fine. You can even take a tent along if you have a bigger party.

At the other end of the camper, you will find the stove and sink, so the kitchen area with a bathroom attached. The bathroom comes with a shower, which is really nice considering the limited space inside the camper. The camper has a tank that can store around 15 gallons of water which should be a decent amount unless you plan on taking a lot of showers. Right next to where the beds are, you can find a table, so the beds can also be used as a dining area. This use of bed as seating for the table allows the camper to be more compact. If you plan on taking a lot of food and other supplies with you, you have plenty of storage in the form of overhead cabinets. You can find them pretty much throughout the camper so you have plenty of storage room.

If you are traveling in really hot weather or really cold weather the camper also comes with an option for an A/C and heater. The best part about the camper is it comes with a 2-year appliance and structural limited warranty so you have some sort of security on it.

Our Review

Well, like we have mentioned, the iCamp Elite is a wonderful camper that provides you with the facilities you need. It?s light and compact which makes towing a breeze. Once you have it attached to your car, you don?t really need to worry about it too much. It is easy to maneuver and since it is not too heavy or long, you can easily make turns with it. We had no issues towing it to the campsite.

Once at the campsite, you can use it to your liking. A couple of things that we weren?t huge fans of, the capacity of the water tank and the type of beds used in the camper. If you are going for a one day trip the 15 gallons water tank should be sufficient but for more than 2 days with 3-4 people it can be hard. You will definitely need to refill it on your trip, which is not that tasking a job but still. We understand why they went with a 15 gallons tank, with the camper being compact so we can forgive CenTech for that.

As far as the beds go, they felt like foam. After a few times sleeping on them, you pretty much sink in. Compared to sleeping on a ground on sleeping bags, the bed is fairly decent. However, we felt that it could have been much more comfortable. Other than this, we had no issues with the camper. Everything worked smoothly and our trip went well with the camper.