Hybrid Travel Trailers – Innovative Camper Trailers

Are you a camping enthusiast? We?ve got you covered. And it does not matter whether you are looking for the next top of the line camper or the no nonsense non-expensive expedition vehicle. We have gone out of our way to bring to you what we reckon are the best hybrid campers in the market in 2017. ?We have concentrated on the camper?s aesthetics as well as their customization to meet modern camper demands. Obviously, there will be more hybrid camper vans that will be popping up in the next few years as more people take camper van holidays instead of staying in expensive hotels.

Our hybrid campers let you to get back in touch with the nature. They are an ideal way of leaving the cushy desk at the office and breathe some fresh air in the wild. Ask yourself this: why would I sleep in a tent or an expensive hotel room while I can have the better of the two worlds with a hybrid camper?

Nay ? you do not have to be an outdoors enthusiast to be able to pick the most innovative camper vans. There are a variety of out-of-the-box designs that will make you fall in love with the outdoors.

Take a look at our list below.

The Rolling Stone

If you are looking for functionality and space, then you are better off with this modern camper. It is designed to fir a maximum of six people and a minimum of two. It is the sort of camper that you use when you are travelling with the family.

Each of the camper?s unit is fitted with a double bed, a closet, a shower, toilet and sink. It also comes with a spacious living room that opens to a small kitchenette. The camper allows you an open area where the campers can expand their living quarters during the warmer summer months. This space can be used as theatre or workshop when it is not being used as living space.

The Rolling Stone Camper is fitted with solar panels as well as wind turbines to act as sources of energy. Each of the units (bedrooms) has a water reservoir on the roof, a water treatment facility under the floor and a bathtub combination. Whichever way you look at this, rolling stone is one of the best hybrid campers in the market today.

The Fold-out Caravan Concept

A camper will not be a hybrid if it cannot be expanded to enhance its available space. The Fold-out Caravan is a concept that automatically converts this caravan into a hybrid camper. The camper can be towed whenever and wherever it is needed. It comes in a bubbly design that is attractive to the eye and some fold-outs that cane expand the space in ways that you cannot imagine.

The maneuverability of this camper combined with expandable floor makes it an ingenious innovation that is worth your consideration.

Mehrzeller Caravan

Imagine a caravan with a multi-cellular design. Well, the Mehrzeller realizes this dream perfectly. It comes in a polygonal design that brings an out-of-the-box innovation to accommodate large space. Each of the unit that is available in the market today was custom-made for the customer. This means that each customer can have his hybrid camper made according to his taste. The camper?s functionality is out of this world. Every space inside has a purpose. If you want to become a camper and appear ?cool?, order one of this.

The Case Van

How about a design that blends conventional campers and a mobile home? The Case Van is trailer designed to fit that description. It is chic, functional and serves as one of the best modular mobile homes in the market. As the name suggests, the camper looks like a case. Among its most advanced facilities is the touch screen display fitted on of the walls that allows internet connectivity. Every amenity in this camper is customized to fit neatly into the walls.

Colim Caravan

The name ?Colim? is short for ?Colors of Life in Motion?. The hybrid camper is aptly named to capture the imagination of the campers? enthusiasts. The camping trailer is a multifunctional camping vehicle that can also be a small car when you don?t to use the whole RV.

The geometry of the car is such that its living space is adjustable to suit different purposes. It comes equipped with modern amenities and auto technology, making it look futuristic. It is an intelligent design that combines aesthetics with functionality to suit the tastes of the modern camping enthusiast.

Bob?s Villa Caravan

This hybrid camper is literally a villa. It is not your regular square box caravan that you will find at the camping sites. It is designed to look cool. It comes with white wall tires, aluminum band windows, smooth airstream design and some wheel covers.

It boasts a futuristic and sophisticated bedroom that is covered by an electronically movable pop-up roof. You can also access the bedroom using changeable ladder that is fitted at the side of the kitchen.

Opera Mobile Holiday Home

As the name suggests, this hybrid camper looks like the Sidney Opera house. It is a mobile pop up camper that affords you the luxuries and amenities found in 3-star hotels.

Among its facilities are; LED floor lighting, a hot air heating system, a water heater, teak veranda, adjustable beds that are adjusted electronically among others.

The 252-Degrees Living Area

Have you ever been in a space ship? Probably not! With the 252 ?degrees hybrid camper, you will feel like you are in a spaceship. Only this time it will be more spacious. It comes with a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and even an office. The living area of the camper fans out just like the Japanese fan?

There are probably more hybrid campers in the market, but we reckon that the above list represents the best. Feel free to enhance our list as more of hybrid camper designs get released into the market.