How to Choose a Convenient Caravan Washing Machine?

Caravan Washing Machine

What does it take to maintain cleanliness during a camping trip or another experience involving a caravan? Doing laundry frequently is one of the essentials and luckily, you don?t need to pay each single time to accomplish the goal. The market features an array of caravan washing machines that address the specific needs of different groups of customers.

These portable washing machines can have diversified functionalities and other extras. Washing and drying at caravan park can be costly and chances are that things will not be completed according to your requirements. These are two of the main reasons why it makes a lot of sense to invest in your own portable caravan washer.

Weight, Portability and Capacity

Since we?re talking about portability, the size of the washing machine is one of the first factors to consider.

Caravan washing machines can vary in size significantly. Most will remain lightweight, which is essential. Putting the machine inside the caravan and taking it out upon necessity don?t have to be complex processes.

To pick the right one, look at both the size of the machine and its capacity. Most of the lightweight and portable caravan washers can work with a laundry load in the range from 1.5 to five kilograms. There could be even smaller washers. These will be perfect for one or two people and they will save a lot of water and electricity.

Types of Machines

Now that you?ve answered the main questions about the capacity and the size of the machine, it?s time to explore the different product classes available on the market.

Caravan washing machines are divided in two main categories ? front-loading and top-loading. The name refers to the manner in which clothes are put inside the machine.

Top-loading machines can have an agitator or lack one (these are called high efficiency machines). The high efficiency machines work faster and they?re also gentler on fabrics. A high efficiency top-loading machine will also require minimal amounts of water.

A front-loading machine will usually be costlier because their capacity is bigger. They offer gentler cleaning than both kinds of top-loading machines. These machines are also known to spin faster, which means that less moisture will be left in the fabrics in the end of the cycle.

Choosing one option or the other will depend on your budget and the amount of space available for the placement of a washing machine in your caravan.

Are Hand-Powered Machines a Good Idea?

While most portable washing machines run on electricity, the market will also feature a couple of hand-powered models.

Manual washing machines will have you spinning the barrel manually. Usually, a handle that you have to crank is available for the purpose. Obviously, this appliance is the greenest one because it doesn?t require the use of electricity. If you do a lot of washing, however, the manual labor may not be the most convenient option.

Hand-powered washing machines will also vary in size and capacity. Usually, they?re much smaller than the appliances that need electricity. The spin cycle is shorter and the machines will require minimal amounts of water to function.

Other Functionalities and Extras to Look for

Portable washing machines can have several other great characteristics that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Some of the more expensive washing machines on the market have a steam cleaning setting. This one is perfect for killing off germs and getting spectacular hygiene results. Steam also increases the ability of a washing machine to get rid of stubborn stains.

There could also be several other non-essential but practical characteristics. An automatic dispenser will dispense the right amounts of fabric softener and detergent during the right moment of the spin cycle. Some machines are also equipped with automatic temperature controls, delayed cycle start, end of cycle signal and additional rinsing cycles.

Finally, figure out whether you need a built-in dryer or if you?re going to use air drying for your clothes. Some of the bigger and more expensive portable washer models could also come with drying technology.

Don?t forget to dedicate enough time to research. Shopping around is essential because there are dozens of caravan washing machine options. Decide on the type and the features that you need. It?s also a good idea to set a budget in advance. Once you know what you?re looking for and how much money you can dedicate to the purchase, it will become much easier to choose the appliance that?s just right for you.