Dutchmen Kodiak Travel Trailer Review

Dutchmen Kodiak Travel Trailer

Introduction: Dutchmen Manufacturing

Dutchmen Manufacturing has a substantial history of innovation and market leadership, leading all the way back to 1988. Thousands of customers have grown to be extremely satisfied by their products, which include many highly recognized brands of recreational vehicles best known of which are: Aerolite, Aspen Trail, Coleman, Denali, Kodiak, Razorback, Rubicon and Voltage. This articles focus will be the Dutchmen Kodiak brand. A thorough review of the product will follow, composed of a detailed presentation if its specs and cost along with a sneak peek inside.

The Kodiak Brand

Wherever you need to go, the road will seem much more enjoyable should you go with a Kodiak. Kodiak is the leader in ultra-light technology, with its aerodynamic profile resulting in easy towing and better fuel economy. Featuring amenities designed to elevate your camping and travelling experience to the next level, there is a large intra-brand variety in Kodiak models that guarantee?s you will find just the right one for your needs.

There is the Kodiak Ultimate model, the Kodiak Ultra-lite model, the Kodiak Cub ? which accommodates smaller tow vehicles without sacrificing key features ? and the Kodiak Ultra-lite Expandable, which gives you the best of both worlds: The security and comfort of travel trailer camping, with the ambience of tent camping, all wrapped up in one package.

For the purposes of this article the Kodiak Ultimate 288BHSL model is going to be reviewed.

Kodiak Ultimate

This Kodiak Ultimate Travel Trailer model is 32 ft. and 5 in. in length, with an exterior width of 8 ft. and an exterior height of 10 ft. and 10 in. Its dry weight is roughly 6400 lbs. and has a fresh water tank with a capacity of 52 gals. It has two side entry doors, with the door closet to the rear leading to the bathroom and shower.

Spacious and comfortable, this ultimate travel trailer has enough room for you to bring along up to eight people. The little touches make all the difference in this model, like the beautiful lights in the living areas, or the extremely spacious cabinets and drawers found all over the trailer.

Taking a look inside: Entry way, Living Room & Kitchen

Venturing forth the trailer, you will immediately notice the huge amount of storage space you have. Right next to you there?s a large drawer, giving you as much space as possible. On your other side, there is the control panel which allows you to control everything in the trailer, such as checking your water supplies.

Moving forward to the living room, you will be amazed at how comfortable the sofa looks ? and feels. There?s a plasma TV right across, a radio and DVD player, along with an electrical fireplace (!). There?s a really spacious refrigerator, a microwave, an oven and a water sink right next to it. What?s really amazing is how this particular model manages to save up so much storage space ? it is filled everywhere with drawers and cabinets, to the point of being nearly overfilled.

Bathroom & Bedrooms

There?s a nice tall and spacious shower, with beautiful skylights, along with a toilet and a water sink. Right next to them there are two sleeping bunks able to hold up to 300 lbs. Included is a ladder, to help your kids climb up the upper bunk. In addition, the lower bunk can be lifted, should you wish to create even more storage space ? maybe a bicycle. There are two windows that allow sunlight to pass through the bunk room and for you to enjoy your surroundings while travelling, but there are also curtains, should someone wish to stay in bed long after the sun has risen.

Lastly, we?re going to move forward to my favorite part: The Master Bedroom setup. There is a 60? by 80? queen sized bed that is extra thick and comfortable, promising long nights of deep sleep. Right above the bed there are two lights, to allow you to read or work on your laptop while in bed. As everywhere else in this model, the bedroom has yet again ample storage space, along with electrical sockets for plugging in your cellphone or gadgets.


The Kodiak Brand motto is that aerodynamic design and lightweight does not mean light on features and amenities. As I am certain you have realized by now, after reading this review that could not have been any truer. The Kodiak Ultimate 288BHSL is an excellent travel trailer, filled with many quality of life features to satisfy even the most demanding customers. If you are considering investing in a trailer, you should certainly consider this model by Dutchmen Manufacturing. You will definitely not regret this.