Dutchmen Aerolite 242BHS Review

Dutchmen are all about delivering excellent quality oriented product and we mean RV?s. Dutchmen has been a prominent player in the RV market in recent years and the latest addition to their diverse product/RV model line is the Aerolite 242 BHS. This model has been around for quite few years which managed to earn the brownie points from the users/customers.

However, as a part of 21st anniversary celebration plans of travel trailers at Dutchmen, the brand new 2017 edition of Dutchmen Aerolite 242 BHS has been introduced keeping in mind the growing demands of RV?s for family with kids.

But, before going deep into the review things, let?s get an insight about the RV?s and how this model has been designed to suit the need of the target users.

Dutchmen Aerolite 242BHS RV?s the common & popular abbreviation for recreational vehicles are simply defined as the large motor vehicles or trailer type motor vehicles which includes all the amenities required for our daily lives and with a living space inside the vehicle.

RV?s are mostly common in North America and are extensively used for long road trips. RV?s usually include a bathroom, kitchen, one or more bedroom with small storage spaces. More luxurious options can also be included.

If broadly categorized, RV?s can be grouped into the following categories based on their functionality, purpose of use and other specs:

  • Motorhomes classes A, B, C- based on the amenities included.
  • Travel trailer
  • Toy hauler
  • Fifth wheel trailer
  • Other camping vans.

Dutchmen specializes in almost all types of RV & its most affordable, family friendly travel trailer line is called Aerolite. ?Now one of the most popular Aerolite model is the 242BHS. Its exclusively designed keeping in mind the needs, necessities of family travelers with kids. This model from Aerolite comes with a price tag that is quite affordable. Recently, a new edition of the Dutchmen Aerolite 242 BHS has been launched and it?s been termed as the top user friendly RV debut in the category of travel trailer.

Now, if we have a consider its structure, designs & the interiors, you will instantly feel at home. Dutchmen Aerolite 242BHS earned the brownie points from its users mainly due to the following points:

  • Relatively large storage with spacious leg rooms.
  • Large bedrooms ? with a homely feeling & well designed interior which give a soothing & feel at home feeling.
  • Also, the users reported that they were impressed with the crowned ceiling designs and that the ceilings are quite high at least by a few inches than most of the other similar models in the market.
  • Another mention worthy point for the popularity and more positive reviews for the Dutchmen Aerolite 242 BHS among the family travelers is its exterior designing. Made of aluminum the whole RV is relatively lightweight than its market counterparts which makes it a lot easier to tuck it with the trailer and its extremely easy on the gas & mileage of the trailer/tow vehicle.

As mentioned above, one of the area that has managed to garner a positive review is the interior design and spacing of the Dutchmen Aerolite 242 BHS. Its kitchen is quite spacious equipped with microwave, oven, provides cooking option with three burner range, fridge and storage areas. Also, this RV model from Dutchmen comes with a master bedroom which contains 2 wardrobes (with closets), a king size bed and an overhead storage space. Some version of this model also comes adjustable sleeping bunks. The interiors come with a specific structure that is sure to remind you of your home. There?s also a double door entry into the travel trailer and an outside entry door to the bathroom makes it all more convenient both for kids as well as adults. ?The Dutchmen Aerolite 242BHS is cable ready and has an option for outside shower.

The model also comes with various floorplans. One can select a per their own preference, budget & requirement. ?Its normally single deck but few comes with double deck also.

Now, moving on to the technical aspect, Dutchmen Aerolite 242 BHS comes with standard fresh, gray & black water pump gauge and the Aerolite 242 BHS I also well equipped with smoke detector, emergency exits, CO & Propane alarms.

In the interiors, there are 2 ports for mounting television. One in the master bedroom and the other one I in the living area. The one in the living area also comes with Bluetooth enabled DVD/radio player. It also is furnished with standard curtains and blinds. The travel trailer is well ventilated and has ample windows proving cross ventilation and it also comes with a diner.

The exterior of the travel trailer comes with a metallic finish and the interior comes with wooden finish and wallpapers. There are also external floodlights along with standard interior comfortable and soothing lighting scheme. The external flood lights help immensely the users during the nighttime while towing or mounting the vehicle. It also gives a clear view of the outdoor during the dark.

The lighting system of Dutchmen Aerolite 242 BHS is also one of the highly rated and reviewed feature.

The motor unit comes with an automatic standard AC and heating system. The unit is also equipped with washer/dryer connections, plug wirings and have the same system for phone, refrigerator, air conditioning, cable.

Recently, an avid RV user who also happens to be a part of a small family with two kids was all praise about the Dutchmen Aerolite 242 BHS model. As per him the engine, pumps, windows and the exterior construction is what makes it a must have in term of technical specs. Also, the unit is also being rated positive by other users due to its family and kid oriented design in terms of storage area, play area, sleeping arrangements, pantry and interiors. Also, in the technical section, the spare in this model is mounted externally, which makes it extremely easy to use when needed.

It is also in high demand for its modest pricing which ranges between $29,000-$40,000.

Hence, the point to take back home is that the Dutchmen Aerolite 242 BHS is the ?it? RV in the market these days and is a must have for the family campers, travelers with kids.