Cool Travel Trailers Our Number One Pick

Cool travel trailers!, what the heck? So what exactly is a cool travel trailer? The answer is somewhat subjective and can be different from one camper to another. For us here at Top Rated Travel Trailers the definition of a cool travel trailer is based on the following criteria:

  • Unique design – a design that is not your typical travel trailer design. Is it modern, retro?
  • Unique and usable features – Does it have features that are functional but unique.
  • Do owners get approached by other to see what the big deal is?

Our Pick for the #1 Cool Travel Trailers

Our first pick for what can be considered a cool travel trailer is the Happier Camper travel trailer. What makes this a cool travel trailer?

  • Retro-modern design
  • Adaptiv modular interior
  • Huge rear hatch
  • Wheel fender
  • Large panoramic windows.
  • roof-mounted solar panel
  • Bose Bluetooth sound system

happier-camper cool travel trailers

Below is a look at the Adaptive modular interior of the Happier Camper.

happier-camper adaptive modular interior - cool travel trailers

As far as cool travel trailer are concerned the Happier Camper trailer is in our opinion the best there is. The construction, functionality and features are all top-notch. Check out the video to see just what cool means when it comes to a travel trailer.

Happier Camper Adaptive Modular Interior

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth 10x that many. In the short video below you will see how flexible the Happier Camper modular interior can be. From sleeping space to work space to additional storage space in seconds. The Adaptive interior is a very cool idea that is executed very well. By being able to configure the interior on the fly and in many ways you now have one of the most flexible campers in the industry. You can have multiple sleeping arrangements with room for up to five people.

You can set it up as a typical camper with room for a family of 4, complete with mini-kitchen, dining table and storage or set it up as a mobile office. you can even configure the Happier Camper as a mini-toy hauler. One added bonus is many of the modular component can be used as outdoor furniture as they are well made and rugged. The video below is a quick overview of the Happier Camper Adaptive modular interior.

There you have it our #1 pick for the coolest travel trailer currently in production. Now there are several other cool travel trailers but we chose the Happier Camper for its innovative features and design. Granted it is not a cheap travel trailer by any means but who said being “cool” was cheap.

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