Coachmen Leprechaun RV Review

Coachmen Leprechaun RV Review

Introduction: The Leprechaun Motorhome Model

Manufactured by the famed Coachmen RV Company, the Leprechaun brand does not include your basic, everyday Class C Motorhome. The Leprechaun Models are made specifically to provide the best available construction, interior, safety and convenience features to the most demanding of customers. If you have spent time looking for the best, your journey is at an end. Coachmen RV has a long history of success, dating all the way back in 1964, they are currently on the spearhead of recreational vehicle construction. Are you ready to discover what they have to offer?

Leprechaun Motorhome 2017 260DS RV

For the purposes of this review, the Leprechaun Motorhome 2017 260 DS RV will be used, as it is the most recent model of the brand ? and is pretty much the epitome of Leprechauns. With a gross vehicle weight rating ? the maximum permissible weight of the unit when fully loaded – at about roughly 14200 lbs. with an exterior length of 27? 11?, an exterior height of 10? 11? and width of 102?, the Leprechaun 260DS RV is a tiny bit larger than a typical Class C Motorhome. Its cargo carrying capacity, the amount of weight available for fresh, portable water, cargo, passengers, additional optional equipment and accessories is equal to its gross vehicle weight rating minus its unloaded vehicle weight.

This Leprechaun model comes with a twelve month or twelve thousand mile limited warranty. Its Ford Chassis comes with a thirty six month or thirty six thousand mile bumper to bumper warranty as does its Chevy Chassis. The Ford Powertrain as well as the Chevy Powertrain comes with a sixty month warranty.

Sneak Peek Inside: Living Room & Sleeping Quarters

Exploring the Leprechaun?s insides, you will immediately come across the beautiful L shaped dinette. What?s really interesting is the ability to pull out a ?hidden? extra seating ? there is also an extra cushion – in order to turn it to a U shape. Moreover, should you remove a leg out you can even turn it into a bed, in order to create more sleeping space. Oh, and there are two sets of seat belts included, you?re free to use should you have any reason to.

There is a huge window right there in the living room, allowing you to look outside and marvel at the beauty of your surroundings when you?re just chilling there, travelling or simply eating your breakfast.

There is plenty of storage amongst various cabinets and drawers, as well as electrical sockets should you wish to plug in your laptop, recharge your phone or something similar. There is also a plasma TV, hooked with a DVD player.

Next to the beds there are optional safety nets, for those who might be afraid they will roll over during the deep night, along with privacy curtains for those who might want to spend the night alone and covered from view. Just above the sleeping quarters, there is an air fan, in order to keep the place cool in cases temperature raises a lot.

The thick, comfy queen-sized bed in the sleeping quarters is pretty much indescribable. A simple look at it gives you promises of extremely deep and quality sleep.

Driving room, kitchen, bathroom & shower

In the driving room, you can?t help but notice the comfortable, stylish and color matched seats. Just behind them, there is a comfortable sofa that comes with more seat belts and can be raised to provide even more storage space below it.

In the kitchen, there is a fridge and freezer combo. Right next to it, there are more drawers providing a considerable storage space ? they are really deep. Next to fridge, there is a round shaped water sink, along with a very stylish black oven to cook your meals. Just above the oven, there is a microwave, along with more storage space.

Naturally there is a toilet, with a pull out shelve right above it, next to the bathroom sink. Included is a very nice shower, with a tri-glass door and a big sky light on top.

Materials and Colors

After we?ve sneaked peak inside the Leprechaun Motorhome, you might be beginning to wonder what materials have been used to create this awesome product. Right next to the microwave, one can find a small brochure stating that everything is made of green materials ? this is a really big deal, for those who have allergies. You will not have a problem in the Leprechaun. The general coloring is distinctly wood-like. There is a lot of brown inside the Leprechaun ? the end result is that the motorhome looks really shiny and neat, and you will definitely feel right at home from the first moment you step in.