Coachmen Capri Review 2017

If you have no children or if you are still single and you like to camp and have a long drive, the Capri 2017 retreat is for campers just like you. Capri 2017 was designed to accommodate two people and can be easily transported by a pickup vehicle. Outside it may seem too small, but when you are inside, it fits perfectly.

Coachmen Capri Review

Reasons why Capri 2017 Retreat Campers is the best

1. One-piece fiberglass shower cabin

The mono fiberglass shower cubicle extends to the roof of the Capri 2017. On the ceiling there is a fantastic fan that ventilates the humidity and steam of the unit. For a shower in a mobile home without a slide, the optional stable is a decent size. I also like the residential style handles located in the shower cubicle itself.

Also, the shower in the 2017 Capri has no door, I think it was made to save weight. Although a carefully placed shower rod and curtain is good enough to ensure that all the water is kept in the bathroom, you are assured that there is no water from the bathroom will splash out during your shower.

2. Large shelf

Directly opposite the shower on the driver’s side are three wide-adjustable shelves and a fixed lower shelf. This area seems made to measure to meet this obvious need. Even better, you could open the shower curtain, come out and have towels and dry clothes. People with long arms do not even need to get out of the shower.

3. Provides easy access to drain plumbing and water heater for maintenance

You can reach the boiler in the Capri 2017 trailer without removing a drawer or bypassing your arms in a narrow opening. This is handy when you do the plumbing.

4. 30 gallons of water tank

If you think you are going to run out of water before your next stop to refill, you’re wrong Capri 2017 with 30 gallon capacity to carry fresh water, which is more than enough to last a week if you are a person and at least 3 days may last if you is two people.

5. 3-way refrigerator

The refrigerator may not be as spacious as you may like, but you can store enough supplies for two people and it can still last for four to five days. That is more than enough

6. The indoor and outdoor is fitted with LED lights.

If you are in the 2017 Capri, there is no dark corner as the LED lights were designed to provide enough light inside and outside the camper.

7. Table with seat cushion

In the kitchen you can get leather sofas with pillows. Leather helps to clean the seats in case the food is spilled in the seats.

8. Blackout shades or Shadows of extinction

Nobody from the outside can see the interior of the Capri 2017 because the safety curtains are designed to ensure your privacy, even if you are in a crowded place, what happens inside the camper is kept private because you cannot view inside from the outside.

9. Water pump on demand

Well, if you want to have a long shower, you can run out of water in a short period of time, so the manufacturers of Capri 2017 have made sure you have a reserve pump to ensure you can always fill the water tank once the water has declined or you want to add water to your motorhome.

10. Microwave

If you cannot live without microwave. Then you do not have to worry because there is a microwave. It is a good size and the stainless steel finish gives it a contemporary look.

11. The Blue Sea Systems

The Blue Sea Systems Panel includes switches for racing lights, cabin lighting, 12-volt DC jacks, stereo, bilge pump and accessories. Blue Sea Systems is a supplier of classic marine electric components that are used by the yacht and boat world. It is a very high-end equipment for any camper truck, much less one that aims at low weight and low cost.

12. Configuration of the East-West cabin

For those unfamiliar with the design of the East-West home compared to the north and south, to sleep in a cabin east-west in the width of the mobile home and a north-south cabin, you sleep along the length of the caravan (nose to tail).

The advantage of an East-West design is that it requires less cab extension than a north-south design. This means less weight and less cost.


If you are single or just married and children are not yet in the equation, this is the campers you want to buy, as you can use it with your friend or the other that you love so much to share quality moments together.