The Caraboat – Is it a Trailer or Is it a Boat?

What exactly is the “CaraBoat”? As you can tell by the name it is both a caravan (Australian for travel trailer) and it’s also a boat. The Caraboat was developed over a 4 year period. The concept of a vehicle that travels on land and can also float is not new, however Composite Cats Ply Limited the maker of the Caraboat, think this is as good as it gets. The Caraboat is sleet and aero-dynamic making it very easy to tow. When you switch over to baot mode you will find a safe, high performance boat that you can live on.The boat has a long range, fairly decent speed, it is economical and the shape give it a very shallow draft.

What Are Some of The Caraboat Features?

Caraboat on the river

Many of the excellent features on the Caraboat are standard. For example there is a hidden helm which hides all of the boat’s steering when you are in travel trailer mode and turn into a cupboard. How cool is that? Twin engine design adds safety, easy control and maneuverability. The standard engine is 2 30-hp, fuel inject 4 stroke outboard engines. Top speed when in the water is 17 knots (19.5 miles) and can easily cruise at a round 13-15 knots ( 15-17 miles per hours).

The Caraboat is easily launched thanks to a dual use purpose built trailer. A break-away safety system and four wheel disc brake system are standard equipment in this travel trailer/boat.

Each model of the Caraboat sleeps 4 adults and all have toilet, shower and a swim shower on the rear deck. Very good headroom in the interior.

The standard model of the Caraboat lists as $139,000 AUD (Australian Dollars) which is roughly $103,0000 US but its does fluctuate based on the latest currency exchange rates.

Below is a video of the Caraboat in action during one of it’s first trials on the water.

The Caraboat on the lake.


The very nice interior of the Caraboat.

Interior of Caraboat.

And finally the Caraboat in the water.

Caraboat in shallow waters

Like we mentioned earlier the concept of a travel trailer that can float on water is not new, however we think the Caraboat has taken the concept to a new level. Though a bot expensive for most folks those than can afford a Caraboat will probably enjoy both the convenience, features, deisgn and performance the Caraboat has to offer.

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