Best Travel Trailers 2016 – Our Top Travel Trailer Picks

Best Travel Trailers 2016, what do we think. ?Last year we saw a nice selection of new models of travel trailers from some of the best travel trailer manufacturers in the industry. ?But now that we’ve entered the new year we want to take a look at what we think will be some of the best travel trailers?or best camping trailer in 2016. Before we begin our countdown we wanted to give you an idea of at least a few of the things we are looking for in order to give a traveler our Best Travel Trailer ?2016 recommendation.

Travel Trailer Durability

One of the features we are looking for is durability, we want to make sure the travel trailers, 5th wheels or toy haulers we select are very well-built in order to handle today’s user. User today are more than just lounging around in their trailers. They traverse rugged terrains, they expect to be able to brings their toys, and they expect their home on wheels to keep up with them. So in a nutshell our picks had better be built strong.

Design or Else

When we looked at what we think are going to be the best camping trailers for 2016 we took a look at exterior style, interior layout and choice of material and component. We wanted a trailer we can step into that feels exciting and bold not boring?and blah. The exterior needed to standout from the pack in some way that would make it look awesome.

How Much Is That Travel Trailer?

We had to be careful with this criteria simply because in the trailer industry you get what you pay for. We looked closely at the above two criteria but had to keep the price reasonable. Not cheap but reasonable and it had to offer value for its price even if the price was some what higher than typical. You won’t find any cheap or low end travel trailers in our lineup of the best travel trailers 2016, you will find some kick-ass trailer that offer a lot for the money.

Best Travel Trailers 2016 – Our Picks

Below you will find our picks for the best travel trailers 2016. Remember these are our picks and chances are you might like some and dislike others and that’s OK. We are here to offer our suggestion but like we always recommend buying a travel trailer is a very personal decision and a very personal choice based on your needs, your taste and your budget. So with that in mind let’s get to it.

2016 Airstream Eddie Bauer

What do you get when you combine two American icons come together in the travel trailer industry? You get one incredible and unforgettable travel trailer. Eddie Bauer comfort and style with Airstream design and durability. you get an extra 400 cubic feet with the foldaway furniture which will give you extra space for your fishing gear, bikes, and kayaks.

Eddie Bauer AirstreamQuality and durable hand-crafted interior prevents wear and tear plus a slew of pet-friendly features for your 4-legged friend.

The 2016 Airstream Eddie Bauer comes in two models, the 25FB and the 28FB. ?Both modes offer a well-designed interior with premium materials and cabinetry. The interior color scheme is obvioulsy Eddie Bauer inspired with the typical greens, browns and earth-tones.

The exterior is as simple and elegant as can be in an Airstream. The beautiful curves which identifies all Airstream as well as the shiny aluminum exterior.

We really like Airstream and though we are cognizant of the fact they are way above your average price for a travel trailer what you do get is outstanding quality, iconic style, and a durable, well-designed top rated travel trailer for 2016.

Weekend Warrior 2016 28W Toyhauler

Next up in our line-up of Best Travel Trailers 2016 is the Weekend Warrior 2016 28W Toy Hauler. We’ve already take a look at one model of ?Weekend Warrior toy hauler and also have them listed as one of the?Best Travel Trailer Brands. We picked the 28W as one of the top rated travel trailers for 2016 because of it’s smaller size than the one we first looked at and because of the price point at which the Weekend Warrior 28W toy hauler comes in at.

As with all Weekend Warriors you will find only the best material for construction and construction technique available from a travel trailer manufacturer. Rather then us telling you all the great things about this pick we’ll let a video from the RV Factory show you why this is one of your favorites.

It’s hard to go wrong with any of the models Weekend Warriors has out for 2016. The 28W Toy Hauler is no exception and you are sure to get great value, dependability, style and durability.

2016 White Hawk from Jayco

To round out our list of what, in our opinion, are the best travel trailers for 2016 we introduce the White Hawk from Jayco. We really like the White Hawk and for the size family we have as well as the type of outdoor activities we do the White Hawk from Jayco fits our needs perfectly.

The White Hawk is very well constructed with some advanced construction techniques engineered by Jayco. For example on the 2016 White Hawk you will find a custom manufactured frame that offer higher strength and durability as opposed to some manufacturers that modify or weld stock frames. Jayco screw down their decking as opposed to some others who use staples to hold down the decking material. In addition Jayco uses their?Magnum Truss Roof System which withstood 4,500 lbs., showing that Jayco’s exclusive roof construction can hold a 50 percent heavier load than the competition. This strength translates into durability and is a result of superior quality construction.

Best Travel Trailers 2016

As you can see from the photo above this is a very nice looking travel trailer. Plenty of room for a family, easy on the budget and just a great all around travel camper. In the video below you will see some of the product highlights of the 2016 White Hawk by Jayco.

In summary , we have picked out top three editors choice for Best Travel Trailers of 2016. Any three of these picks will provide you with an excellent, durable and well designed travel trailer that you will enjoy for many years.

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