Best Off Road Travel Trailers

You are just 3 miles after exiting the highway. The excitement in the pickup van is building. The family has waited for this camping trip for years, but you just did not find time in your busy office schedule to take them. This year you stood your ground. You were going to make the trip happen and after haggling with your boss for what seemed like eons, you finally convinced him that the office can do without you for at least for 30 days.

Looking back at that argument, you smile secretly. You also needed the trip. Ahead you can see the smooth road thinning into what looks like a rough road. Finally you are out of the comfy city streets and are about to get one with nature. You look at your rearview mirror and take pride in your handiwork. The travel trailer you recently acquired looks super elegant. It is a sharp contrast from the rugged terrain that you are now entering. Suddenly you hit a ditch and you hear something unhinge. The chatty kids at the back seat are suddenly quiet. The travel trailer that you were towing has broken apart. It is the last thing you see before you hit the rock at the side of the road! Sad story this one. No more camping. And yes, it is that bad.

Tragic, huh? Well, there is always a next time. And it is this next time that this article is all about. Buy an off road travel trailer that is not going to disappoint you. Below is a list of the best in the market.

SoCal Teardrops

SoCal Teardrops

The SoCal Teardrops is one of the best off road travel trailers. It features frames that have been reinforced with 2 by 3 inches of steel and tubing. The only thing that you will need to come with are beddings, coolers and you will be ready to embark on your most adventuresome vacation you have had yet. ?Among the features that make it an off road trailer include;

  • The trailer is fitted with heavy duty Emu leaf springs.
  • A Dexter axle that can handle an upwards of 3500 pounds
  • Adjustable 9 way Rancho shocks (RS90000XL) along with 10 inch electric brakes.
  • It features a tongue on the front that serves as a storage box and an enhanced metal cage that has a locking lid.
  • Its hub is made to match with the wheels and tires of your vehicle.
  • The trailers? cabins have been reinforced with Baltic Birch to cushion the frame when driving on rough road.
  • Accommodation that can fit 4-inch mattresses that can sleep 2 adults.
  • A cabin light, 12 volts outlets, shelves, cup holders, and an entertainment system with AM/CD/FM units.
  • A 2-burner propane stove mounted on a slider and nested drawer for utensils.
  • A deep cycle battery system that features onboard marine charger to keep the battery in good condition when in storage

Highland Expedition Outfitters Trailers

Highland Expedition Outfitters Trailers

The HEO Trailers are tough as nails. Their body is entirely made of welded aluminum making them sturdy machines for backcountry expeditions. Among the trailer?s prominent features include;

  • A 57 cubic feet with double walls of aluminum composite
  • Aluminum studs to store and transport your camping gear.
  • Weighs just 700 pounds, meaning that your jeep will have no problem towing the overland HEO T trailer
  • A side door that gives access to your gear. It also has cargo trays that slide out as well as a tailgate.
  • The trailer also features a CVT Mountain hood rooftop tent.
  • Its tires are 30-inches large and its axle is a 3000-pound American Equalizer Torson made by GVWR Rockwell. This axle gives the off roader smooth mobility over the worst of rough roads.
  • Upon customer request, the HEO can provide additional equipment such as kayak rack, propane tank, jerry cans, trailer tongue, solar panels, and an off road heavy duty suspension.

Inka Outdoor

Inka Outdoor

Is there anything like a ?luxury yacht? for off road camping enthusiasts? Tell you what; the Inka Outdoor travel trailer exactly fits that description. It is a teardrop campers dream to own an overland camping gear that also offers refinement in design and comfort. You will definitely need some peace after a long day in the off road terrain. Among the features of Inka Outdoor are;

  • Built with hardwood for warm finish and a rugged body.
  • The wood is pressure laminated for enhanced strength and fully insulated to ensure warmth in cold weather.
  • The chassis is the lightweight Venture OHV that incorporates trailing arm air suspension. It is also skid protected and configured to run on your preferred tires and wheel sizes.
  • Note that Inka Outdoor travel trailers are made upon order and are custom-made according to customer requirements.
  • The Venture OHV can take up to 1750 pounds (800 kilograms) which is in line with the load caps on modern 4WD. This means you do not have to worry about your rig being illegal or unsafe on highways.
  • The Inka Outdoor LLC, the company that manufactures these travel trailers, offers full limited warranty on their trailers.

Jayco Baja 12E

With a capacity to sleep between 6 and 8 people, the Jayco Baja 12E is a trailer suited for family backcountry camping. It comes with either 75R15 or LT235 huge Dunlop Rover tires that have been specifically manufactured to give high ground clearance for off road travel. It also features a pop-up tent to further enhance its utility in camping. Among its major features include;

  • An A-frame that is rust resistant
  • Structurewood floor coated with polyflex
  • A seamless, domed fiberglass roof.
  • A key fob remote that can be used to lift the powered roof lift.
  • A waterproof DuraTek tent that has been sectionalized.
  • A leaf spring suspension and an Eto Z Lube axle
  • An outside shower
  • 20 pound dual propane tanks
  • A 12-volt electricity system that has a 110 volts converter.
  • A utility deck with a rating of 1500 pounds. The deck features ramps and railing to assist your ATV to haul camping and recreation gear such as firewood and bikes.
  • Other standard amenities include: cherry wood cabinetry, 30-gallon freshwater pump, 6-gallon water heater, a dinette, a carry out table gas powered stove.
  • It can carry as much as 2910 pounds
  • The HEO also offers a value package for its customers with a water purifier, a solar prep and an awning.

Terra Drop Off-Road Trailer

This is a production of Oregon?s Trail?R. The TerraDrop has been built for the off roads. Obviously you will need an off-road vehicle that can accommodate all you back country necessities as well as luxury. Among the outstanding features of the TerraDrop include;

  • Accommodation big enough to sleep 2 adults
  • Sturdy wooden cabinets and storage drawers for whatever you will need during your expedition.
  • An interior lighting that is refractive to keep warmth inside the trailer.
  • Outside the sleeping cabin is a fully equipped camping kitchen that is attached to a roof rack where you can keep additional camping gear or food supplies.

TC Teardrop Trailer

The TC Teardrop Trailer comes in 4 different sizes to meet different camping needs and budgets. A good example is the 5 by 10 foot trailer that comes complete with a sleeping area, a front box that can be used for storage and a galley. Among the prominent features of the TC Teardrop Trailer include;

  • Room for modification to enhance off-road features such as larger tires and aluminum wheels.
  • A 3500 lbs. axle
  • An upgraded hitch and tongue
  • 10-inch brakes.

Moby1 XTR Trailer

For greater dexterity in the rough road, the Moby1 XTR off road trailer comes with an A-arm suspension coil spring making it one of the most popular camping travel trailer. Among its prominent features are;

  • Uneven terrain suspension system.
  • Hardwood cabinets
  • LED taillights
  • All terrain tires (31 x 10.50 R16)
  • A 3500-pound axle
  • Rox Racing branded shocks

Manley ORV Explore

Manley ORV Explore

Manley ORV helps keep things simple and rugged. It is an off road travel trailer that is not for the fainthearted. It is basically a 6-foot tub that can be locked and the keep your adventure gear safe. ?Among its prominent features include;

  • A top rack for storage of camping essentials
  • A Pop-up tent
  • 33-inch tires
  • A recovery hitch mounted hook to pull your stuck friends without having to unhinge the trailer.
  • It is an ideal solution for off roaders looking to test their survival skills.



The smittybilt is a 1763 pound powder coated frame that has been configured for off road travelling. It comes fully boxed with a leaf-spring suspension on the axle and electric brakes. The following are the major features of the Smittybilt;

  • 2-inch receivers at the two ends to allow mounting and use as accessory racks.
  • 3 jacks to create stability whenever the trailer is unhitched.
  • An adjustable top rack that can carry a tent.
  • 15-gallon water holding tank.
  • 14-gauge tub that is powdercoated.
  • 2 side cabinets
  • 31-inch or 37-inch tires
  • Fully equipped camp kitchen

If you are an enthusiast of off road camping, your best investment will be some off road travel trailers that have been specifically built for that purpose. Always check with the manufacturer whether there are more off road packages that can be installed on your travel trailer.