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One of the questions I am often asked is what do I consider to be the Best Light Travel Trailer. In all honesty this is a somewhat difficult question because often times the person asking the question has not determined what “lightweight” actually is. To help move this article along I am going to set some criteria that hopefully is specific enough to address the question.

What is a Lightweight Travel Trailer?

After doing some research on what people are searching for on the internet in terms of what is the best light travel trailer it appears that a travel trailer who GVWR is under 3,000 lbs is considered a light travel trailer by many.?So that is the main criteria we chose. First off there aren’t that many campers with a Gross Vehicle Wright Rating of 3000 or less. So my choices were very limited. I also wanted a camper that was well-built, comfortable, flexible as far as living space.

My Pick for The Best Light Travel Trailer

As it turns out it was a toss-up between the Happier Camper?(our pick for the coolest travel trailer) and the Scamp. Let’s take a quick look at each one.

Happier Camper Features and Specifications


The Happier Camper HC1 has a lot of excellent features from custom engraved door hinges to Panoramic windows. ?Let break these features down in to the exterior, frame and chassis, interior and electric & lighting.


  • The shell of the HC1 is 100% double-hill fiberglass
  • Door hinges are custom engraved
  • Marine quality parts
  • Heavy duty front wheel jack

Frame and Chassis

  • The frame is reinforced tube steel
  • Built-in stabilizing jacks
  • 2 inch hitch receiver
  • Independent suspension torsion axle
  • Electronic brake system
  • 13 inch wheels – aluminium
  • Full size space located in undercarriage
  • Wiring harness – 7 pin type
  • The curbside doorstep is custom

Interior Shell

  • Panoramic window
  • Adaptiv dynamic floor allow multiple configurations
  • Snap down and sliding blinds
  • Side-door storage
  • Wall storage around perimeter of interior
  • Nested shelf storage
  • Table leg mounts that are recessed
  • Recessed heavy duty tie-downs

Electrical and Lighting

  • LED lighting throughout
  • Tear drop rear-side markers vintage inspired
  • License plate holder with light also vintage inspired
  • Marine battery and mount
  • The Mighty Min electronic converter hub
  • 2 AC outlets with USB plug
  • 4 DC powered “cigarette lighter” ports


  • Dry Weight : 1100 LBS
  • Tongue?Weight : 110 LBS
  • Length (fender to fender): 10′
  • Exterior Height?: 7′ 4″
  • Overall Length: 13′
  • Inside width?: 6′ 6″
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating : 3,000 LBS

The Happier Camper sleeps up to 4 people and using it’s Adaptiv modular system can easily have multiple interior configurations.

SCAMP Trailer Features and Specifications


The SCAMP is a custom-built built to-order lightweight and aerodynamic trailer manufactured by Eveland. It is made in 3 sizes, 13 foot, 16 foot and 19 foot. For this comparison we are going to take a look at the 13 Foot Scamp trailer.


  • Table converts to a bed
  • The sofa converts to a bunk beds
  • Marine quality wall fabric
  • 4-inch cushions
  • Wood panel interior cabinet doors
  • 2-burner propane stove
  • Porch light
  • Spare tire and cover
  • 11 inch gauge steel tube frame
  • Carpet flooring
  • Fiberglass cabinets
  • Crank open windows
  • Rear stabilizer jack


  • Fiberglass construction
  • Overall length : 13 feet
  • Overall width : 6 feet 8 inches
  • Overall height : 7 feet 6 inches
  • 12 gallon fresh water tank
  • Insulated R15
  • 30 amp power converter
  • 12 volt lighting

The SCAMP camping trailer sleeps four. You can purchase upgrades as well and you have the option of a shower and toilet.

Our Choice For the Best Lightweight Travel Trailer

Both of these trailers in our humble opinion are excellent well constructed campers. They both over multiple configurations and both are stylish and comfortable. However we have to pick as our Best Lightweight Travel Trailer the Happier Camper HC1. We chose the HC1 as our pick for best lightweight travel trailer for the following reasons:

  • Rear door hatch allows you to take along some of your small toys (dirt bike, kayak)
  • The ADAPTIV interior allows you to configure the inside in many different configurations unlike the SCAMP which has to be ordered in the configuration you want.
  • We like the vintage look with the modern interior feel
  • We love the panoramic window

Overall both the Happier Camper HC1 and the SCAMP will make excellent travel trailers . If vintage style with modern features is to your liking you’ll be very happy with the HC1. If you prefer vintage style with a more traditional layout and interior configuration than the SCAMP will do you just fine. We want to applaud both travel trailer manufacturers for creating excellent, well designed travel trailers that offer unique features and comfort..

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