The Benefits of a Pop-up (Camper/Trailer)

Experiencing the great outdoors can be a refreshing and exhilarating feeling. It allows you to get in touch with nature while providing you with down time from your hectic lifestyle. Whether you are going to hike or just relax, it is vital you take food, proper clothing, and other materials camping materials with you. This can be hard to take around in just your normal car while an RV maybe too big or expensive for you.

So it is crucial that you select a camper that is portable, for your ease, and comfortable. A folding camper provides you with both portability and comfort. For that reason it is quite popular with campers all over the world.

Portability and Ease

Folding campers are far more portable than RVs and easier to manage than tents. Setting up your tent can be one of the most daunting tasks of camping, especially for beginners. It normally takes about 15-20 minutes to get a folding camper up and ready. So rather than slaving away on that tent, you get a bit of extra time to enjoy the wild.

Driving an RV is not everyone?s cup of tea. Having to lug it around with you everywhere you go. Folding campers are lightweight and foldable. Meaning you can easily either tow them with any car. While towing, it allows for excellent rear visibility, easier and stable maneuvering, and easier on your fuel economy. You will also have the option to drive anywhere when you are out on the wild with ease since you can leave the camper and drive off in your car and come back. In an RV you would think twice about doing that, having to maneuver a big RV could be a hassle in the wild.

Since these campers fold, they are far much easier to store. You can easily store the campers in a garage.

Camping Experience Without the Harsh Elements

With RVs usually you cannot take them to all campsites. There are no restrictions when it comes to folding campers. In fact, since these campers are so portable you can even take them outside of campsites and truly camp out in the wild, as you would with a tent. Most folding campers are rugged and durable enough to be taken and set up off-road to any destination of your choice.

Camping in a tent can be a scary experience especially in harsh weather conditions. With folding campers equipped with waterproof sides and hard roof, you will be well guarded against high winds or the rain. Some models even come with sides that unzip for you to enjoy the fresh air. So you get the same camping experience, which you would in a tent, with more protection.

Luxury in the Wild

Sleeping in a sleeping bag in a tent is not an experience everyone enjoys. We normally want to be well rested for long hikes and the next day in general when out camping. The last thing you want is a bad night of sleep. Folding campers provide you with the option of having a luxury of a comfortable, off the ground bed with you on your trip. So you won?t miss any sleep, tossing and turning in a sleeping bag.

Most folding campers also come with a kitchen while higher-end models even have a bathroom so you won?t really have to worry about those either out in the wild. I mean come on, cooking over a campfire takes a lot of effort and attracts wildlife. Why not taking your own kitchen with you.

It also allows you to easily carry your personal belongings with more storage space. So you can pack more of the materials you need like food, hiking gear, and what not. It will offer you the option to have your home away from home. So you can experience the wild without losing too much of the luxury of your home.

Won?t Cost You an Arm or Leg

RVs can be very expensive. That is why many campers and families do not opt for them. Folding campers are more affordable while providing almost all the same functionalities of an RV.

Don?t make your next camping trip, a trip of miseries. Get a folding camper, the ease and luxury of it will surely make your time out in the wild an experience you will never forget. Heck, with all the benefits of the camper and the serenity of the wilderness. Who knows, you may not even want to go back!

Recap of the benefits

  • Easier and quicker to setup than a tent
  • Easy storage, light and foldable, fits in a normal garage
  • Protects from rain and harsh weather
  • Can be towed by smaller cars
  • Easy visibility when driving to and from campsite
  • Home away from home (bed and kitchen while some models even have a bathroom and shower).
  • More affordable than an RV