Arctic Fox 865 Truck Camper Review

Buying the perfect truck camper is a similar experience to buying a new refrigerator. You go online, look at the different manufacturers, see what customers think about it, and even then you might not have even begun the process of picking the best unit to get. If you as an expert salesperson on what the best refrigerator would be, they?d most likely ask you, ?How big of a unit do you need? What features? What color? How much do you expect to spend on electricity per year??

perfect truck camper

Getting a truck camper can be the same harrowing experience, especially if you?re a first-time buyer. Don?t worry, though, because you?re not alone. In fact, many experienced campers might be stumped by what they expect to get out of their camper. There are a number of different factors to consider when shopping around for a truck camper. These include the types (hard side or pop-up), the bed length, a cabover or cabover-less, slide, bathroom style, and the list goes on.

In this article, we?re going to focus on one of the industry?s most revered manufacturing companies and a popular truck camper model ? the Northwood Arctic Fox Camper 865. This wet bath truck camper offers its customers a great way to experience the outdoors with all the comforts of home wherever you go. Let?s take a quick tour of this truck camper and see what it has to offer.

100% Absolute Northwood

Being Absolute Northwood might not sound like much to most people, but experienced outdoorsmen who are customers or have purchased Northwood products in the past will tell you that you?re getting a fully welded, thick-walled aluminum structure with solid fill anchor blocking, a one-piece Corona treated continuous fiberglass sheet over hot polyurethane laminated multi-layered, substrate walls filled with high-density block foam insulation. If this means nothing to you, you can rest assured that Northwood-produced truck campers are built like a rock to withstand the harsh climates you might face when traveling outdoors.

External Aesthetics

It?s great being comfortable inside of a truck camper, but how does it look from the outside? Sure, aesthetics aren?t everything, but they do mean a whole lot to a lot of people. On the Arctic Fox 865, one of the first things you?ll notice is the domed head badge which sits just above the cab of your pickup truck. The whole cabover and bulkhead is one continuous strip of fiberglass, effectively reducing the risk of leaks.

Solar and Satellite Ready

One of the best things about RVs is that they harness the power of the sun to produce clean, usable energy to power a number of electronics. Of course, you shouldn?t expect to operate a full- or even half-sized refrigerators, microwaves, or air conditioners. However, if you need to charge up your phone?s battery, the Arctic Fox?s solar and satellite plug has your back.

Satellite Ready

Water-Holding Capacity

We need to stay clean in the outdoors, and if you?re nowhere near a source of fresh water, you can breathe easy knowing that the Arctic Fox 865 has ample water storage capacity to keep you and your family clean for days. This unit comes with 34 gallon fresh, 32 gallon gray, and 31 gallon black.


The cabover bedroom space is covered using a sliding privacy partition. On the driver?s side of the bedroom is a cabinet with adjustable shelving, storage shelf above cross ventilating windows, in-deck strutted hampers, mirrored shirt ward, reading lights on both sides, vent with blackout shade, and an exclusive Northwood mattress.

Wind Resistant Fiction Hinge

Located at the rear end of the unit is a door where passengers can enter into and exit from the truck camper. The door itself is a nice piece of technology that is also an Absolute Northwood. The friction hinges keep the door in place, meaning that harsh winds won?t cause the door to swing around.

Panoramic Rear View

Passengers riding inside of the 865 can enjoy a panoramic rear view thanks to the five rear- and side-facing windows. When they?re all open, you get an incredible feeling of spaciousness you commonly wouldn?t find in non-slide pickup campers.

Cathedral Arch Ceiling

Another contributor to the spaciousness you feel when inside of the camper is the unique arched ceiling which offers an additional 4 inches of headspace so tall folks won?t need to constantly bend over to navigate their way around the camper.


Don?t expect to get a full-sized kitchen and dining area for your family to enjoy. Instead, the 865 features a sizable dinette space with skylight. Some of the most eye-captivating features are the large 3-door overhead storage, 12V LED interior lights, large windows covered with fabric nightshades, and booth dinette with dream dinette.


Similar to every other Arctic Fox pickup campers, the 865 comes with sound-dampening Ozite ceiling carpet, wood grain overhead storage, residential-grade vinyl flooring, deep double-bowl sink with removable sink lid cutting board, and a stainless pull-out hand sprayer. Below the countertop, additional storage in the form of drawers and spice rack cubbies help with keeping your kitchen organized.


A lot of the appliances you get in the 865 are what you?d expect for any top-tier camper to have. You get a stainless steel microwave oven, range hood and multi speed fan (with light), three burner stove with a stainless steel cover, AM/FM/CD Player with Bluetooth technology, 6-cubic-foot double-door refrigerator-freezer combo with stainless look insert panels, and a huge wardrobe closet.

Wet Bath

The bathroom in the 865 is a wet bath. It features a full fiberglass surround, exhaust fan, head clearance skylight, a mirrored medicine cabinet, an integrated deep bowl sink, handheld shower sprayer, and a hand flush toilet.

Bottom Line

The price tag of this overcab truck camper is truly competitive, around the $27,000 range. We think it?s not a unique camper, but its features are time-tested and able to provide extreme comfort when traveling the open road and wilderness. However, for a non-sliding overcab camper, you?d be farfetched to find something this stylish and durable with every kind of harsh weather conditions. This unit also comes with optional features (DVD player, 19-inch LED TV, 11 BTU air conditioner, and many more add-ons). However, the standard version comes with all of the features you?d ever need to take on even the most challenging road trips.