Aerolite 242BHSL Travel Trailer Review

The Aerolite 242BHSL Travel Trailer is a gorgeous 24-foot RV that is built for family camping adventures. This Dutchmen RV is one of the most versatile in its range and features a great design on the inside and the outside. The 2017 version of this RV is rated very highly by many professional users. This Aerolite RV is a good addition to the camping fleet and is perfect for use anywhere and at any time of the year.

travel trailer map image

The Exterior

The outside of this RV has many awesome features on it. One of the biggest perks is the fiberglass cab. This is shaped like a bullet for more aerodynamic travel with less fuel consumption. The fiberglass is a great insulator that is cheap to repair and smooth to the touch. The front also has a design incorporating blue LED strips in the shape of a V down the front.

A towing mount is present on the front that doubles down as a jack. This is a power operated jack that can be adjusted for additional stability. The jack also has a LED light on it for nighttime lowering and raising. Right behind this is a propane tank cover with two 30lb propane tanks in it. This is atypical for an RV as most have just one such tank. Under this is a battery disconnect on the rails for easier power cutoff.

On the side of the RV, you?ll find a door for a baggage compartment. This is a huge space under the RV with aluminum framing for corrosion resistance. It is accessible through a magnetic door that doesn?t swing loose. The door can be propped open on magnetic mounts on the side when loading baggage. There are also additional power jacks on the sides to stabilize the RV when stationary.

A power awning is present that can be extended at the touch of a button. This awning has its own LED strip for lighting at night while camping. It also has speakers that are Bluetooth compatible and can be used with a smartphone. You also get a cable hookup and outlets for connecting a TV for an outdoor movie experience while camping.

One last feature on the exterior is the presence of two secondary doors. One on the side allows for external access to the bathroom. The other is on the back of the RV, allowing you to access additional storage space in the bunk area due to the power lifting capabilities of the bunks. The roof is crown shaped on the inside and the outside so that there is even insulation in the trailer. This shape allows rainwater to roll off into the side gutters.

The Kitchen

The kitchen, like the rest of the interior, features marble detailing all over. The countertop is a solid surface made of marble. The double sink is set lower than the countertop with a highrise faucet. The double bowl sink and the faucet are both made of stainless steel. A cutting board is available as well which can be doubled down as a sink top cover when not in use. Since the double sink is set low into the surface of the counter, the sink top cover is flush with the rest of the surface.

Right next to this is a very useful 3 burner range Atwood stovetop with a traditional oven underneath it. Under the sink, cupboards and cabinets and other storage spaces are present. Rollout drawers on ball bearing are present for cutlery and utensils. Right under the sink, there is a cutout space for a trashcan for easier access to this.

Above the stovetop is a hood complete with an extractor fan and an LED light. Above the sink, another LED light and the backlight switch for the countertop are present. Above these are many storage cabinets made of wood with frosted glass detailing. An overhead microwave can also be found right above the hood.

The final amenity in the kitchen is the Norcold brand fridge for cold food storage. This is a single door unit that is full-sized with a freezer as well. It is dual-compatible with propane and electric power. There is an automatic switching option for easier switching between the two power sources.

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The Bathroom

Featuring a nice, easy to clean porcelain toilet bowl with outside access, this is a really neat bathroom. The toilet has a foot flusher for better access and plenty of leg space for adults. You also get a shower area with a curtain and wall shelves for your shampoo and soap. This shower space also has a nice, spacious bathtub. A medicine cabinet with a mirror can be accessed just over the porcelain sink with hot/cold faucets. There is more space for storage under the sink too.

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The Bedroom and Bunks

There are three bunk beds in this travel trailer. Each can hold up to 300lbs on it. The bunks can be power lifted out of the way to make way for more storage space during travel. There is also an LED light on the top and middle bunks with windows too. A ladder is available to climb onto the top bunk. The master bedroom has a king size bed instead. This king size bed is comfortable and spacious with mirrored wardrobes on either side and LED lights on top along with speakers. A TV space is present opposite along with closet space.

Entertainment and Dining

A dinette area exists for dining indoors. This is the perfect gathering point for family dinners when you aren?t outside for meals while camping. It is u-shaped for seating more people around the table. The table itself can be dropped down to the level of the seats, making an additional bed that can accommodate two people. Opposite this is the entertainment center with space for a TV. This center also has a radio, CD, and DVD player along with storage options above and below it.

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Overall, this RV is one of the best pieces of camping gear you can get this year. This recreational vehicle is full of amenities and luxury options. The abundance of storage and sleeping assets makes it perfect for any family travel situation. Get the 242BHSL if you want a travel trailer that looks and performs amazing at all times.