A Look at the Weekend Warrior Toy Trailers

In this article we are going to take a look at the Weekend Warrior toy trailers also known as toy hauler travel trailers. Weekend Warrior unlike many of the other travel trailer manufacturers is going to wow you wit ha huge selection of models. As a matter of fact they only really have 2 models to choose from. One is a 5th wheel toy hauler and the other one is a pull-along travel trailer model.

Why Weekend Warrior Toy Trailers?

If innovation, attention to detail, strength and durability are important to you in a toy hauler than you might want to consider the Weekend Warrior models. Here is a partial list of the 48 improvements that were made to the 2016 Weekend Warrior toy trailers.

  • The flooring was upgraded to plywood from OSB. Plywood is natural stronger and lighter and provides better moisture resistant.
  • A new fiberglass front cap that has been upgraded to a clear coat gloss finish.
  • Stronger ramp door with an increase in capacity to 3K lbs from 2.5K lbs.
  • Heavier duty handles on ramp door.
  • Too box has been added to the beaver tail.
  • Upgraded 8 cubic-feet refrigerator.
  • Improved graphics package.

To read all of the 48 improvements click here.

Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

Weekend Warrior Toy Trailers

Weekend Warrior 5th Wheel

Weekend Warrior 5th Wheel

Some Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler Specs To Know

There are two types of models offered: Pull and 5th Wheel. The 26W and 28W are pull-along and the 4100W and the 4250W are the 5th wheel models. All models are the same width of 102 inches. The hitch weight ranges from 790 pounds on the 26W to 3,200 pounds on the 4250W.

As far as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating these toy haulers are not light.

  • 26W and 28W = 9,999 lbs GVWR
  • 4100W and 4250W = 18,000 GVWR

The length of the of the box is 26 feet 10 inches on the 26W to 44 feet on the 4250.

Tons of standard features including a 50″ LEd HDTV in the living room, exterior speakers, Kicker Sound System in the garage and that just the entertainment system.

If you are looking for a top of the line toy hauler we recommend you take a look at the Weekend Warrior toy trailers.

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