6 Best Small Pop-Up Trailers for Camping

The popularity of pop-up trailers (oftentimes referred to as pups) has increased in the last decade. We can see more and more people using pups as a means for comfortable living when adventuring through the wilderness. They offer much more than a traditional tent but are more simplistic that travel trailers.

There are a lot of pup manufacturers out there that promote similar features and quality. Increased popularity of pop-up trailers has led confusion on which brand or model offers the best bang for your buck. Although the purchase decision is entirely reliant on your personal preference, keep in mind the specific features and needs you require out of your mobile home.

We?ve made things a bit simple for you by reviewing tons of pop-up trailers and singling out the most qualified options. The highest quality pop-up campers in our list all come from reliable brands with excellent customer care so there is little to worry about post-purchase. Take a look at the top 6 pop-up trailers available in the market.

1. Forest River – Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Campers

Forest River produces two pop-up camper models: the Rockwood and the Flagstaff. Both variations of their pop-up trailers are worth looking at, due to their diverse specs and attention to quality. If you’re looking for variation, check out the Flagstaff product line which offers both hard- and soft-wood floor options. Like other pop-up models, the Flagstaff sports a kitchen with stove, sink and other necessary features. There is also a sizable dinette with seating. The most prominent feature of Forest River products is the Add a Room an option which allows for an extra compartment to connect to the camper for increased sleeping space. The living space itself is also quite spacious and ventilated so you can take in the full pleasure of nature without the bugs and weather problems. However, despite all the good that Forest River has done to add customization, some customers have reported difficulties with towing the unit due to its awkward shape.

2. Jayco – Jay Series Sport Camping Trailer

Jay Series Sport Camping Trailer

There are a lot of pop-up camper brands out there but Jayco is one of the best. They’ve been in the business since 1968 so its safe to say that they know campers. They produce full-sized travel trailers if you’re into heavier and more furnished mobile living. Jayco has two pop-up camper product lines: Series Sport and Jay Series.

The Jay Series is a fold-out style camper, durable and lightweight, with expansion options for larger living space. Although the Jay Series is smaller than other pop-up brands, they offer much more value in the limited space. This product has a carry-out stove and swing level galley preinstalled to make your camping trip more comfortable and convenient. The general drawback to pop-up models is that cleaning the inside and outside of the trailer is a hassle, and the Jay Series is no exception. Cleaning up before leaving camp is a multi-person job, but even then it can be a meticulous project that can potentially eat a ton of time.

3. Forest River – RV Rockwood Extreme Sports Package


This is is Forest River?s second type of pop-up camper: the Rockwood series. This model was built specifically for people who enjoy the outdoors and doing extreme sports like white water rafting, mountain biking and a whole lot more. This product sports mounted cross bars which can carry up to 150 lbs. of equipment. There are also tech-friendly features like MP3 player and charging ports for your electronics. The aluminum wheels keep the belly of the unit 12-inches away from the ground, ideal for when traveling through rough roads or unpaved paths. The Extreme Sports Package is available in six floorplans and two hard-sides.

4. Livin Lite – Quicksilver Pop-Up Camper

Quicksilver Pop-Up Camper

Livin Lite is another monster in the pop-up trailer game. They have six models, each their own unique style. QuickSilver Pop-Up is one of the model types which was designed to fit in the bed of your pickup truck. It comes furnished with a small dining area which transfers into a bed, and cabinet for storing cooking equipment or whatever else you brought on your trip. This model is available in two sizes which can fit between 3-6 people and are made to accommodate small- and large-towing vehicles. This manufacturer makes pop-ups as light as 636 pounds with table and propane stove. Other models weigh up to 1,765 lbs. and are large enough to carry toys like dirt bikes or ATVs. In spite of the model?s lightweight, the manufacturer promises durability with the use of quality materials.

5. Coachmen Clipper and Viking Camper Trailers

Clipper and Viking Camper Trailers

Coachmen manufactures two pop-up trailer models available: the Clipper and the Viking. The two models come with drawn-out bunks on each side, and a dinette with seating. A spacious storage area is in the middle of the unfolded mobile tent. Both models are equipped with toilet, stove and shower. Unlike other pop-ups, unfolding the camp package is simple due to the N-Lock bed layout. The unit is designed in a way to withstand extreme winds and speed when traveling. However, you may experience leaking in the bathroom despite careful setting-up.

6. Aliner – NewPort


Last but not least we have a product from Aliner. This company makes A-frames. There are six variants of the A-frame models: Ranger 10, Ranger 12, Ranger 15, Expedition, Scout and Classic. Talk about flexibility! Focusing on the NewPort, the product is built to last even the harshest weather conditions. It is also light in weight (around 1,150 lbs.) and a cinch to unfold. You can take a look at the company?s website to see how easy setup is. Although the model is quite large, its lightweight allows for easy maneuverability when towing. This pop-up trailer comes furnished with a fridge, microwave and vast storage space. There is also an outdoor shower and bathroom alternative. The only drawback of the NewPort is its limited bed space, making it useful only for small groups or families. But if you are traveling with a small group and can enjoy compact living, then the NewPort could be a potential match for you.