5 Pop Up Camper Manufacturers

In this article we are going to take a look at 5 of the top Pop Up Camper Manufacturers. Pop up campers are a very affordable way to get into RVing. These type of travel trailers are somewhat of a hybrid between a tent and a typical travel trailer. They are fairly in-expensive, can sleep up to 10, are lightweight and just plain fun.

5?Top Pop Up Camper Manufacturers

  1. Dutchmen – The makers of Aerolite, Coleman and Kodiak.
  2. Jayco – They make the Jay Series and the Jay Series Sport camping trailers.
  3. Starcraft RV – Manufacturers of the Starflyer and Comet pop up campers
  4. Palomino RV – Another top maker so pop-ups including the Banshee model.
  5. Sylvan Sport – They manufacture a really cool looking camping trailer. Very versatile.

Check out the video below of the Sylvan Sport.

Pop Up Campers are a great way to start getting involved in RVing at a budget price without settling for just a tent. Most major models have have excellent standard amenities and options that make camping in a pop up trailer quite enjoyable.

As with any type of purchase we recommend you research various models to make sure they fit your needs and also your budget. Once you’ve chosen a couple that you are interested in visit a dealer and thoroughly check them out. Prices vary so build quality, standard equipment and such will vary too.

Pop Up Camper Manufacturers

We also recommend you not only check out what you can see but also ask about the things you cannot see such as interior construction methods, type of materials used etc. You may be surprised at the difference you find even with the top rated travel trailers.

So there you have it. 5 of the top pop pop camper manufacturers on the US. Prices and selection do vary among them but you are likely to find a model that will suit your needs and budget. ?Even though in our opinion the five pop up camper brands listed above are our top choices there are many other popup camper brands to choose from. Below is a list of some of the other brands we know.

  • Rockwood is a division of Forest River and like their typical trailer make excellent pop up tent trailers.
  • Remember Coleman pop ups, they are now Fleetwood Folding Camper Trailers.
  • Viking Pop Up Campers is a division of Caochmen Industries and makes pop up tent trailers that are very well made and have pretty cool features.
  • Chalet RV makes an A-frame pop up camper.
  • Trailor Manor is the maker of a hybrid camper. These are very interesting models in that they look like travel trailers when unfolded but fold down like a pop up even though they have no tent side like a typical pop up camper.
  • Aliner makes an A-frame that is well regarded in the industry.
  • Three Feather MFG builds teardrops and small solid campers. They will also customize any of the models in their line-up or build you a custom camper.
  • Coromal Caravan is a division of Fleetwood that only available in Australia.

These pop up camper brands are all quite good and you shouldn’t have a problem finding one in your budget and one that will fit your camping needs.

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