3 Best Fleetwood Travel Trailers for Large Families

Best Fleetwood Travel Trailers for Large FamiliesEveryone needs a break every now and then, but planning a vacation can be just as stressful as your daily job. Planning a road trip isn’t just packing up your bags, putting your family and pet(s) in the RV, and driving off. The first thing you want to take into account is what sort of accommodation you’re providing for your family.

There are numerous types of travel trailers out there. They differ in size, layout, built-in features, optional add-ons, construction, and so on. Basically, purchasing the right travel trailer, especially for large families, can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a first-time buyer looking to invest a huge sum of money into a high-quality trailer.

Fleetwood RV, a part of REV Group, has been in the RV manufacturing business for more than 60 years. Fleetwood is arguably one of the most recognized RV producers in North America, and there?s little reason to doubt their quality RVs. Today, the company is heavily focused on family-friendly RVs for taking on long road trips through national parks.

Choosing the right Fleetwood RV for a family of 4 or more isn’t exactly hard to do, considering their numerous models built to accommodate more than 6 people without trouble. However, perhaps one problem that customers, especially first-time customers, may have is determining which of their most recent models will suit them best.

Well, this is why we’re here. In your journey to acquiring a family-friendly travel trailer, we’ll give you our suggestions of which Fleetwood RV will work best for you and your family.

2017 Discovery LXE 40G

2017 Discovery LXE 40GWhen you talk about Fleetwood, their Discovery line is perhaps the first RV model that comes to mind. It’s not hard to see why? spacious living room and master bedroom, unbelievable features including refrigerator and two air conditioners, and comfortable leather seating for all passengers aboard. However, the most noteworthy Discovery floor plan is the 2017 41-foot 40G.

This RV was built to sleep four people, though the 72-inch sofa can be converted into an air mattress in a pinch. Unlike the 40E floor plan, the master bedroom does not come with its own bathroom? instead, the bathroom is moved towards the middle of the RV, directly in front of the bunk beds. To keep the people residing in the master bedroom entertained, it comes with its own 32-inch LED TV for them to enjoy.

What about the other people, you ask? Well, Fleetwood has them covered with a 43-inch LED TV placed directly in front of the convertible sofa. Next to this TV is the built-in kitchen which includes cabinets, dishwasher, induction stove, and a residential-grade refrigerator to keep all foods and drinks nice and cold for the trip.

Just behind the passenger seat is a U-style bench dinette which seats five people comfortably. Needless to say, the dinette-kitchen is designed to bring the comfort of cooking and eating from home onto the road, and with the Fleetwood Discovery LXE, you can definitely do it in style.

2016 Storm 32V

2016 Storm 32VAnother one of Fleetwood’s most highly-rated RV models is their 2016 Storm, specifically the 32.9-inch 32V floor plan model. There are five different floor plans to choose from, ranging from 28.8 inches to 36.2 inches in length.

The 32V sleeps up to eight people so it?s definitely a great RV for large families. Though not as luxurious as the Discovery LXE, it?s still a great choice for taking the comfort of home on the road with the people you love most.

The master bedroom includes a queen-sized bed and wards to stow clothes in. This model doesn’t include a TV in the master bedroom, but instead, a 39-inch LED TV can be found right next to the dinette.

Speaking of which, the dinette sits up to six people. Adjacent to the dinette is the kitchen space which includes a micro induction stovetop, residential-grade refrigerator, sink, and cabinets which hang above the kitchen counters.

There’s only one bedroom, but the sofa located right behind the driver’s seat can be converted into a bed which accommodates three children. The best thing is that the sofa retracts into itself, meaning that you get more moving space when it’s pushed back into its sofa-form. In front of the sofa/bed combo is a free-standing recliner which, in a pinch, can also be used as a makeshift place to hit the hay.

Top power every appliance, the Storm comes with a built-in generator, though it’s limited to only 35 hours on half-load. Does this mean that with everything plugged in and running, you?ll most likely get around 24 hours of power before needing to refuel.

2017 Bounder 36Y

2017 Bounder 36Y2017 was a great year for Fleetwood as they released some of their all-time best-selling RVs in this period. One of which is the Bounder with the 36Y floor plan. This RV measures in at 37 feet from nose to end, and it includes a spacious master bedroom with TV, living room, dinette, and kitchen area, and a bathroom which is located right between the master bedroom and the convertible sofa-bed.

The master bedroom includes a queen-size bed, a dresser, and storage space to place numerous articles of clothing and appliances, a 24-inch LED TV, and a ward to hand up your delicate shirts and pants. When exiting the bedroom, you can find a home-style bathroom which includes a water heater.

What makes this model so different from the others is its electric fireplace which is situated just below the 40-inch LED TV. If you’re looking for a getaway with both TV privilege and comfort which only fireplaces can provide, the 2017 Bounder is a great model to choose.

Moving on into the kitchen space, it comes with a 3-burner induction stove, sink, a facing dinette, and a residential-grade refrigerator. On the off-chance that the driver and main passenger can?t come to the dinette for dinner, you can place their meals on the pedestal table located right between the driver’s and passenger’s seat for their comfort.

The interior design is comparable to the Discovery LXE in which the tiles, cabinets, and furniture are made with top-quality materials and built to be as eye-pleasing as possible. This RV is built to accommodate six people.