3 Benefits of Using a Portable RV Waste Tank

Portable RV Waste Tank

Did you ever watch that movie RV? It had Robin Williams, and in it Williams character takes his family on this vacation to pursue his job, and on this trip everything pretty much goes to Hell. The thing is though that it started with Williams buying this RV and right off the bat you could tell the giant metal monster was going to be trouble. Anyway, there was this scene in the movie where the waste tank was backed up, and so the family had to take it to a dump site. Through a series of events that included a broken hose, some red necks, and a line up of angry RVers and an explosion, Williams ended being covered in…well you get the drift.

It’s not an easy topic to discuss, in fact its less than desirable but when it comes to waste removal well…ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Thankfully though as we have progressed, RV experts have come up with innovative ways to make our camping experience that more enjoyable. The one way they did this was by creating a Portable RV Waste Tank (tote tank).

Say What Now?

A Portable RV Waste Tank is exactly that. If you are the kind of camper who likes to stay in the same spot for long periods of time without sewer hook ups, it would be in your best interest to take advantage of a portable RV waste tank. Portable waste tanks (waste totes) allow you to empty the contents of your black and grey water tanks into an external portable one, which you can then transport to a dumping station.

Most portable RV Waste Tanks have these features:

  • 2-4 wheels
  • Sewer hose adapters, for dumping accuracy
  • Waste valve, allows air in and out.
  • Garden hose extension
  • Grey water connection hose
  • Tow handles with ball hitch accessibility
  • Come in sizes from 5-42 gallons

There are three main benefits you can get from this product:

#1. Transport Convenience

No one likes to break camp if they don?t have to, or loosing your spot at a tailgate party or camping out in the parking lot waiting for the big game! Not to mention the line you may have to wait in if there are others using the sewer trap. This is why portable holding tanks have wheels and a tow handle that fits over a ball hitch so the tank can be towed with a car. Smaller versions can be wheeled by hand, like a wagon or picked up and placed in your vehicle.

#2. Easy Clean

No one likes a mess, this is why the portable waste tank is so nifty, take the mess and smell away from your camping location. Most portable tanks come with a hose extension that fits to the valve on your portable tank.

Now if you are an RVer, you should already know the proper order in cleaning your septic tank. Black tank first then the grey tank, this makes cleaning out the tote much easier.

Why? Because by flushing the grey tank last you pre rinse the nasty stuff out, and then you should only be rinsing out dirty soap scum water with the water hose.

#3. Environmentally Conservative

Maybe you are a go green person maybe you’re not. Even if you?re not you can be rest assured that by limiting the amount of water usage you use to the size of your waste tote, you are conserving water.

This also depends on how many trips you want to make back and forth from your RV to the dump site. At the same time you are also saving on petrol, and limiting the amount of fuel emissions that go into the air, by using the tote?s wheels and handle and choosing not to drive.

Be Prepared, be Prepared…

The Portable Waste Tank made to be a no hassle product; easy tote, easy clean, and conscience satisfaction. With the frequent RVer in mind the concept of the Portable Waste Tank was made to make the camping experience easier and more pleasurable.

Personally I think that this is a product that would be very convenient to have. I travel quite a bit, and have gotten enough experience to realize that you might not know where you are going to be next, or things can happen that are out of your control. Even if you are a very well planned camper, it may happen that even though you intend on going somewhere with RV hook ups, circumstances may lead you else where, and its always good to be prepared.