2016 Coachmen Mirada 35ls Review

Do you dream of having a house on wheels? Then I have only one suggestion for you. The Mirada 35ls travel trailer will offer you, your family and friends all the comforts you need during long trip or when you are going out for camping. Mirada is the travel trail that you will be looking forward to buy after reading this article.

2016 Coachmen Mirada 35ls Review


Double door refrigerator

Refrigerator size 8 cubic feet

Burner 3

Weight of hook 5000 lbs.

Gross weight 22,000 pounds

Fresh water capacity 70 gallons

Gray water capacity 45 gallons

Black water capacity 90 gallons

For 5 people

Sheets 2

Length 36 ft 10 in

Ext 8 ft. 6 in.

Ext Height 12 ft 5 in

Size of the tire 19.5?

BTU 30000 oven

Generator 5.5

Fuel oil

Engine 6.8L V10

Chassis Ford

Power 320 hp

Why you will have a stellar Experience with 35ls Mirada?

1. Best security features

I did not bluff or add anything I did not look at. 35ls has the following safety functions;

  • A smoke detector
  • Extinguisher
  • Propane leak alarm
  • A carbon monoxide detector

Talk about sleep without worry, all these features have been added just to make sure you feel safer while you sleep with your family and young children, you will always be informed in case of danger pending. What a great way to relax as your kids can safely run around and in case they cause any damage or burn something accidentally you will get a prior warning.

2. 320 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque.

This is a powerful force you will have and you will certainly cross the hills without any problem. Do not worry any more about the type of terrain, as this travel trailer can drive very far from the road as it is built for off road too.

3. Cruise control ??and swivel control

The reason you go on a road trip, or camping is that you want to feel good and get away from all the daily routine activities. The 35ls Mirada travel trailer has a swivel seat, plus a cruise control function to ensure you have a smooth and comfortable ride. A ride on this travel trail if you are not driving you will not even be able to notice that you?re on a moving trailer.

4. Integrated computer workstation in the passenger seat area.

This will ensure that your co-driver also benefits from the ride while he/she can work on that future contract you two just landed for, or if it is your kid they can use it for homework.

5. Easy packing function

Well, in case packing big vehicles is a problem for you, then you do not need to worry anymore if you using Mirada 35ls, because it has a backup monitor and cameras so you can see what is behind you when you are packing it. This feature is quite surprising, even if you are a learner driving this travel trailer you can still pack with lots of ease as packing Mirada 35ls is like playing a video game.

6. Just outside the bathroom on the wall, is a 39 “LED TV and a fireplace

I love the entertainment, so this feature makes me love this travel trailer even more. You can be taking a long bath while you let that loud music play.

7. A dinette and an L-shaped sofa with the opposite bed next to the door. The sofa has a top cupboard for storage.

8. Store cabinets and drawers in front of the bed with a 32 “LED TV.

Speaking of sleeping like a king, this travel trailer grants you. You can lock yourself in your room and watch your favorite show, stay away from other family members who may disrupt your concentration or even ruin your mood.

9. Double sinks

It has double sink, which makes it even easier to wash the dishes or share the chores in the kitchen.

10. Three Burner Line, Microwave and Oven

You can even hire a private chef to tag along with you in case you are not good at cooking, as the 35ls kitchen has all the essentials.

11. An optional outdoor 32 “LED TV installed outside.

You and your friends or family can sit outside and enjoy your favorite football team.


Mirada 35l is the travel trailer that you should consider. You can still use this trailer at home, the only difference is that it is on the wheels.