Aerolite 221BHSL Travel Trailer Review

The Aerolite 221BHSL Travel Trailer was released in 2016. This Dutchmen Aerolite model is one of those RVs that leaves you with your jaw open and eyes wide. This gorgeous travel trailer is a bunk master and the ultimate in camping gear for family travel. It has plenty of room, amazing amenities, a very luxurious feel, and much more. From the outside to the inside, this trailer is one of the best out there from last year. Here’s an in-depth review of this bad boy trailer and what it has to offer you.

aerolite 221bhsl travel trailer map image

The Exterior

From the outside, the 221BHSL can be described in one way: cool. Everything about this trailer looks futuristic. It has a very awesome bullet shaped body, rather like the maglev trains in France. It is a beautiful piece of machinery. The aerodynamic design means fewer vibrations through the body and chassis of the RV, especially when traveling along highways.

This vehicle looks a little small on the outside, but don’t let that fool you! When it is set up for camping, this one is one for the history books. It has extendable slides, awnings, and storage on the outside too. LED lights can be seen on the body of the trailer, making it look even more futuristic. The theme of this is that you get the best of both worlds – small vehicles with large spaces.

Among the many cool features on the outside of this vehicle is the awning. This power controlled piece of machinery provides some much-needed shade in the summer. On the other side is a power slide-out compartment to add space to the inside. Speakers dot the outside of the RV, allowing for great outdoor barbecue experiences while camping with the family.

The Kitchen

When you enter the RV, the first thing you see is the kitchen. The interior has a beautiful floor plan with lots of space and great amenities. Most of the interior is wood-paneled with frosted glass trimming on the cabinets. In the kitchen, a nice salad surface countertop is the prime feature. This has backlighting for visibility at night. Right next to this is a high-rise faucet and sink, both made of stainless steel. The cover on the sink actually acts as its own cutting board.

Next to this is a stainless stovetop with a 3-burner range. This Atwood burner features perfect control over flames and a nice oven for baking right underneath it. You don’t have to worry about heat and smoke either: there is a hood above the stovetop which collects all this. It has a pilot light and an extractor fan that move all heat and smoke to the outside. The overhead microwave is a little high, which puts it out of the reach of children but makes it harder to use.

There are great cabinets all around. All the cupboards have lots of space inside them. There is space under the sink for a trash can, which is quite useful, and the countertop has drawers under it for utensils and cutlery. The fridge is a huge unit with a freezer too, and a very cool automatic switch feature. This switches the fridge over from propane to electric power without any trouble. More large pantry and food storage cabinets are located next to the fridge.

The Bathroom

If you’re anything like most people, you’ll pay particular attention to the bathroom. RVs are notorious for bad bathrooms that are difficult to maneuver in. When you look at the bathroom in this 221BHSL unit, your perception will change. The bathroom is very spacious, although it doesn’t look like it from the outside. The porcelain toilet and the other fittings are all white. The toilet is opposite the tub and has a lot of leg room in front of it. Next to it is the sink, which is a nice cozy unit with cupboards above and under it. There is a medicine cabinet above the sink with plenty of space for all those pills to take on a long trip. The shower space is beautiful, with a nice spacious bathtub under the shower. To cap things off, there is a gorgeous skylight providing natural light that filters down from above right onto the tub. At night, soft LED lights light up the whole space.

aerolite 221bhsl travel trailer bathroom image

The Bedrooms

The master bedroom has a king-sized bed in it. This is very uncommon for normal travel trailers. The bed is large and comfy with plenty of storage space above and under it. There is also a wardrobe with a mirror in it for changing without looking like a bear when camping. LED lights keep everything lit up although there is a big window next to the bed. Reading lights are also present over the bed’s head space. Opposite the bed is another set of cupboards with a niche in the center for a TV. The bedroom has speakers near the bed and wall outlets for charging devices.

In the back are the bunk beds – one set of two beds with a built-in ladder. Each bed can hold up to 300lbs, so if you have a heavy kid you needn’t worry. Each bed also has a window next to it for comfort and natural lighting. The kids get their own space, away from the parents, which is perfect.

aerolite 221bhsl travel trailer bedroom image

The Dining Room

The dining area is found in the slide-out portion of the RV. When extended, it has space for a few people to sit down as well as a table. This dining table folds down to form a guest bedroom of sorts. There are large windows and good lighting in the dining area. It is right opposite the kitchen. Next to the dining area is an entertainment center with space for a TV, storage space, and a radio/CD/DVD player.

Last, but not least, is the CampEasy remote control. This controls the awnings, lights, and the slideout for easier management of the vehicle. Overall, this vehicle has its limitations. It is small, and the microwave is a cause for worry. However, in the grand scheme of things, this is an incredible machine with a ton of advantages. It is beautiful to look at and even more enthralling to live in.